Gardening from Seeds

October 15, 2019

Hey guys!

I've been cooking and gardening recently. Yes, I love the slow life.

There were two ugly pots of dried plants near the entrance of where I stay, so I decided to give it a revamp!

Not ugly meh?

Pot number two.

The other areas of the common area have nicer, thriving plants. But this is what you see when you just step in. Lol so anti-climax and uninviting!

So I bought some seeds from NTUC for $1.90 each. I chose easy to plant varieties, pretty blooms, and sun loving plants.

I hope these babies germinate and bloom!
10 days later, the globe amaranth seem to be growing!

No sight of any Baby Blue Eyes seedlings though.

Update 2: (20 Days)

More leaves from the amaranth! Zero activity detected with human eyes for the Baby Blue Eyes.

Hope they grow strong! I added broken egg shells for extra fertiliser haha.

I'm also doing a mint cutting and hope to grow more herbs at home! Excited :)


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