This post is about choosing to be more green in little ways.

1. Choosing to go without plastic bags for bread! The auntie was quite surprised by my request of 'no plastic bag', but it all worked out in the end. I would have gone without the tissue but my hands were dirty from riding my bike haha.

2. We almost went for the Meiji chocolate milk, but those come in plastic bottles, so we opted for the HL cartons instead.

3. Choosing recyclable cans of coconut juice over plastic bottled ones to make coconut ice blend at home!

4.  This one is a fail, we didn't expect soooo much plastic and waste from buying a set meal.
The peanut pancake was wrapped in plastic cling wrap, the hot soy milk was double cupped, with a plastic carrier. Worse, the straws they offered were wrapped in individual plastic too. So sad :'(

We rejected the straw and plastic bag..but yup gonna avoid buying from here unless I brought my own cups and stuff. Hope more F&B companies can join the less plastic movement.

5. The good news is that I could reject a Old Chang Kee plastic bag by eating straight on the spot! I think bringing a large enough lunch box also helps me feed my snacking tendencies with less guilt.

6. Donated my old digital camera to one of those green electronic waste boxes.

7. Anticipated some buying of necessities when going out with family and gave them the recyclable bag I brought. Haha! 

8. This one is a fail. Went to have dinner with my family at the hawker centre, and this stall gave us stryofoam bowls and other disposable cutlery... mostly feel helpless during such group situations. 


I've been reading this book, 'The Gift of Anger' by Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Gandhi. 

Inside there is a chapter about how waste is violence, and how we feel helpless and 'wonder if our personal efforts really mean anything in the bigger world'.  After all, 'what use is trying to lessen your own carbon footprint when big companies and airlines and cars are continuing to be the main cause of the trouble?'

I think people are discouraged to be more green when they analyse the situation and just feel that it is hopeless. I understand the sentiment but I wonder if they can be persuaded to join the movement, no matter how small their efforts are.

Here's a little wisdom from Gandhi's mother. 

"She taught him that the atom reflects the universe. From the smallest act to the largest, what we do in our own lives become a mirror for what the greater world will look like. Take care of your own surroundings, and the world will become a better place."

This comforts me a little, and I think a little can go a long way. Sometimes I wonder if what I do is even enough, and I despair about the waste generated and all the bad things in the world. But some of my friends will encourage me not to give up! I hope to be that friend for you.

That wraps up this little post. What are some things you've been doing to be a little more green? Would love to hear it.