A Challenge

It's so easy to be set in your ways.

Routines are so familiar and comfortable. They usually form when you discover the most efficient or effective way to do something. Then you rinse and repeat.

You take a certain route to work, and back home. You wash your face in a certain way. Exfoliate, then apply serum, then moisturise. 

Drink the same old BBT order.

Order the same thing at the food court.

Buy the same types of clothing.

Watch similar types of shows over the years.

Hang out with the same old people, talk about the same old things. 

Listen to the same type of music.

Nothing changes. 

You feel safe and content.

But magazines and Instagram posts yell at you:

But what happens if all I want is to be home?

Snug like a bug in a rug.

There's nothing wrong of course, to be set in your ways.

I just feel sad when I do not grow.

I tend to get super comfortable and then complain that I'm becoming stagnant. No growth in skills, mental dexterity or emotional capacity. It's no fun to me.

I don't want to be a zombie nor do I want to be dull! So I decided that:

this will not do.

I am a rather stubborn person and I tend to shy away from things I dislike or think I will dislike. For example, it took a lot of persuasion from my fitness buddy to get me started on trying out weights. I finally picked up a dumbbell just yesterday. Before, I wouldn't even harbour such thoughts. I mean, me? Do weights? You must be joking. Me? Do Muay Thai? Me? Dance? You get the idea. (I ended up trying all of these, by the way.)

Likewise, sometimes my first reaction to things is to be averse to it.

So I'm going to set a challenge for myself! In order to get out of my rut, I came up with five new things I have to do. It's nothing radical like going to sky dive and all, but it's a change, no matter how slight.

My Challenge

  1. Try a new cuisine
    I'm always eating Chinese, Western, Japanese, Korean, and the basic Thai, Indian and Malay food. Rarely do I try food from other cultures. Time for a shake up.
  2. Try wearing something different
    My entire wardrobe consists of mostly blues, whites and black. Life is short. Time to wear some colour.
  3. Try cooking something new
    I want to up my cooking skills!
  4. Try a new activity 
    I have to ditch the idea that I have no energy or time to do anything fun and just get out there. The world is my oyster.
  5. Try going to somewhere new
    I should venture out to places I do not usually go in Singapore.

Feel free to join me, or create your own. It'll be fun if we do it together.

Some benefits of doing these new things would be that I have juicier stuff to share with you on the blog. I mean, if I don't live life, there's nothing to experience and hence nothing to write too.

Hopefully I have some updates soon!