Pizza Maru

Hello lovelies!

Recently I was in Bugis+ and we were wondering what to eat. We found this Korean Pizza joint on the food floor (the fourth floor) and decided to try it!

Pizza Maru is a Korean chain that serves pizza, pasta and fried chicken! Yum, yum.

The lunch set looked good and affordable! 

So we ordered a Maru Combination and Tenders and Chips. This came with two barley teas too.

I looooved the Chicken Tenders, but mostly because it came with this white, garlic herb sauce. The cone it came in was also super tall! The Swensens fries cone is only half of this size.

Lovin it

I hold a torch for fried things.
Look at da cheeeese!

The pizza dough here is special and unique. There's black rice dough, green tea dough, and other doughs made of cereals like barley and oat. No thin crust here!

Here's a close up! Soft chewy dough!

On the menu, you'll also find that there are cool options like a Spam Tower, Spicy Toppoki Seafood, pasta, bingsu with ice cream, cakes, and drinks such as the Sweet Potato Latte. We'll definitely be back to try out more of these. *drools*

The staff here was really cheery and helpful too, so more bonus points for that!

Our total bill came up to $23 with GST. This restaurant does not serve pork, but I'm not sure if it is halal certified yet.

Overall: Great for everyone, easy on the wallet and a good option for a casual but super satisfying meal. We were pretty pleased with our choice. In fact, I think this place is gonna be one of the places we'll frequent in Bugis!

Reservation by Chope: Yes

Pizza Maru
Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, #04-03/04, Singapore 188067

Hope this helps you when you don't know what to eat at Bugis!


p.s. lol we are still #notsponsored