Waffles, waffles

Over the weekend, we had huge waffles for brunch. We had one waffle each!! *devilish smile*  

Used our 1-for-1 Burpple deal for a set of waffles and a drink. Here they are: so glorious!

Smores Waffle with Nama Chocolate, mmm! 

I love marshmallows...chocolate fudge doesn't hurt too. The Smores Waffle  is their most popular waffle.

Yinyang charcoal waffle with Houjicha soft serve. 

The soft serve flavour was much too light for us, oh well! Charcoal doesn't really taste like much either haha. But the waffles were the crispy kind and we enjoyed that!

We enjoyed their fruity teas too, with real fruits~ We ordered the lychee berry and lychee peach since the latte and coffee selection isn't covered under Burpple Beyond. Will come back when another waffle craving hits :)

Twenty Grammes Cafe
753 North Bridge Rd, 
Singapore 198721

On another day, I also caught up with old friends at The Beast, which is quite nearby! Haha these two waffle places are at the Haji side of Bugis.

Fried chicken and waffles? Yes please! (Photo from San, keke)

The portion is huuuge so I recommend this for lunch or for sharing! None of us could finish the entire plate. (I was the closest though, HAHA!) 

Not super into the sweet gravy dip though, because it had something that tasted like alcohol in it. My friends found it too sweet. Hmms. 

We also used Burpple here and the price was super worth it! $13 for this mega portion hearty plate. 赞!

The Beast
17 Jln Klapa
 Singapore 199329

Have a waffle-ly great weekend ahead!


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