Gelatissimo 🍦 (Orchard)

Have you ever gazed upon something more wonderful? 

Tubs after tubs of beautiful gelato.

A little about gelato that I learned from a huge board they had.

  • Gelato uses milk rather than cream.
  • It is smoother than ice cream!
  • Their gelato is frozen at -13deg c! It was 'smoking' when we had our cones.

We had 2 Regular cones, and using Entertainer's 1-for-1 deal, we got to choose 4 flavours at $8.50!

At first we wanted to go for the Belgian dark chocolate but it contained a little alcohol, so we went for PB Choc instead.

Coconut: extremely cool and refreshing!
Mango cheesecake: smells nice, enjoyed the little biscuit bits
Pistachio: Seems to have been overwhelmed by the other flavours. Nutty flavour is not very pronounced as compared to Tom's Palette or Birds of Paradise.
PB Chocolate: Decent but not decadent!

The waffle cone was great! Loved it. Wish Macdonald's used such waffle cones instead. 

Big smiles all around whenever it's dessert time.


Shaw House
350 Orchard Road