Biseryu Japanese Cuisine (Orchard)


We found this restaurant serving Japanese Cuisine tucked away in Far East Plaza. It's called Biseryu! It's a cosy shop on the second floor near the entrance.

The Salmon Soup with Hokkaido Milk was recommended to us, but we were way too full after sharing a lobster roll and 2 gelato cones elsewhere in Orchard.

Ordered 2 mains + 2 drinks as part of the Burpple Beyond deal.

We mixed our cokes with lemon tea~ Big round whiskey glasses are great for creating ambience.

Roast Beef Omurice with Demi-glace sauce

Wagyu pieces were tender and melted in your mouth. Sublime.
One part of the rice however was hard and sticky as if microwaved? o_o
I enjoyed the silky omelette and demi-glace sauce, while my bf found the sauce too sweet for his liking. 

Hakata Black Curry with Hamburg Steak

This dish really caught our eye and we decided to give it a go! 

Black curry comes from Hakata city in Japan. The spice mix is cooked with chicken and pork broth and left overnight for the flavours to become rich. 

When you think about Japanese curry, you usually have an idea of how sweet it tastes. Black curry is decidedly much stronger in its spice profile while retaining mild sweetness. Interesting dish indeed!

The hamburg steak is soft and juicy! I must say I am quite won over by the high quality meat used in their dishes

Staff was helpful and checked on us halfway through. She asked us how the meal was, and we said, "Great!" 



Biseryu Japanese Cuisines

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road 
Singapore 228213

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