Pringles - 4 Funky Flavours


What's up?

I have been rather restless lately, and when my sister was out on errands, I asked for some crunchy snacks. I came home to this:

Insanity, isn't it?!!??!

This can last me a real long time!

Part of this junk haul includes these 4 funky flavoured Pringles!

Gonna do a short taste test.

Chicken Souvlaki (Limited Edition Food Truck)
This has a light taste reminding me of the yoghurt sauce used in Kebabs. It also has a light herb/pesto/minty taste.Yums! 

Beef Taco (Limited Edition Food Truck)
I just had tacos the other day. At first whiff, the beef taco smell is really replicated! I laughed in spite of myself. This Pringle flavour is rather salty though, so I don't recommend this for bingeing. The Chicken Souvlaki is easier to down! 

Tom Yum Song Kreung (Street Food)
Tastes of chilli, MSG, tom yum powder! The chilli leaves a pleasant, mild tingle on your tongue. Prefer this flavour to Nissin Tom Yum Potato Chips, which was waaaaaaay too salty. 

London Style Fish and Chips (Passport Flavours)
This flavour is by far the strangest. It reminded me of burnt tyres and rubber. Um. 
I guess it's trying to replicate the (overly?) fried battered fish. A nope from me.


These flavours were so fun to try! It reminds me of the time when we were in a Taipei supermarket checking out all the funky flavoured stuff like macaron flavoured chips. o_O

I shall crown  Chicken Souvlaki  as my favourite! It has a light but interesting flavour that keeps me wanting more. 

These Pringles were bought at Sheng Siong. HMU if you have fun snacks for me to try! 


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