Hey guys!

Recently I've been busy with my illustration hobby. I finally made an Instagram account for it! You can check it out here at: @chubbycat88.

I've been making pics daily because you know me, I like doing things in bursts of energy. I think it helps me express and release all my chaotic energy. I feel like I'm either in one of these two modes  : frenetic, or languid. Is there an in-between? 

I really like drawing cute things though~! 

This is Pudding Cat, named for her resemblance to Tong Yi pudding (统一布丁)aka my favourite pudding brand from Taiwan. She's a sweet and gentle bb.

I also made some of these into free phone wallpaper that you can download here! Enjoy!!! My mum is using the Piggie wallpaper now.

Currently I'm just drawing with my mouse on Photoshop. It's a pain but I guess you get used to it. Wondering if I should get Procreate or a wacom, but I think I'll go learn Adobe Illustrator first! Small steps, big dreams.

Here's to chasing our dreams!