life in the slow lane

The end of the year is a time for me to rewind a little. Doing a quick recap of the past week on my blog. 

♡ Visited my friend at her house. She grinded some coffee beans by hand and made coffee for me! It's a tedious process, having to do it by hand, foam the milk and all. Thanks for your labour of love :)

 Look at her lovely plant collection! She has an estimated 70 plants now.

* You may spot an plant imposter in this photo ;)

She has really cool pots and plants! I love the little hat on the cactus! And these nude planters with plump curvy butts are super cute.

♡ My mum harvested her papaya from the tree. It's a tiny one, but it ended up really sweet! She was very pleased and delighted with it. It bore about 10 fruits but most are rather small. This is one of the bigger fruits. 

♡ In other kitchen adventures, my sister whipped up more food. 

Angelhair truffle pasta with pan-seared scallops and ebiko

This was such a treat! Used my camera instead of my phone to take this shot, and what a difference it makes! The scallops were A+. 

My sis bought a pack of Neoguri and Chapagetti to create the famous 'ram-don' dish from Parasite. We didn't add the steak though! Well, we don't really get what the fuss is about as the noodles ended up rather salty and the flavour mix isn't particularly special. I personally much prefer Milk Shin.

♡ Well, other than food, I have been trying to do some Yoga (again). I do sessions from the channel 'Yoga With Adriene', probably one of the top yoga channels on YouTube. She has a real cute doggo Benji who joins her sometimes. He's like a bear.

I did these home yoga sessions because I wanted to be prepared for my yoga class with Melo at Tirisula Yoga (Chinatown/Smith Street) where my friend Lydia is teaching! Good thing I started early because my legs are soooo stiff and my muscles tense.

Going to an actual class is still important, especially you're a beginner! Lydia helped me correct a lot of my poses. Physical classes also challenge me a lot. The studio is a gorgeous space too! 

♡ Been reading quite a bit to boost the numbers on my Goodreads book challenge especially since the year is coming to a close. Been reading romance recently, especially after watching It's Okay To Not Be Okay.

Recent books:

♡ And here's a fun video I watched. Haha Chen Han Wei's long hair is such a throwback.
He is from Malaysia and he used to visit Chinatown with his family once a year. He recounted how his family of four sharing a cup of lemon tea. When he started getting a salary, one of the things he did was to buy a cup of lemon tea for himself. To him then, it was very 奢侈 to have a cup to himself.

♡ Christmas season is also upon us. I'm so excited! Spotted all the Xmas decorations and products in shops already.

Well that's all folks! I've been making an effort to update my Instagram stories so the content here has been a little slow too. The goal however, is to raise the overall quality of all posts! 

Enjoy the weekend,

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