Luke's Lobster (Orchard)


Sorry for the meh photo, I was too excited to dig in. As you can see, the roll is crammed with huge chunks of cold lobster! Every bite is firm and juicy. 

The roll was generously buttered and nicely toasted, but I prefer Burger and Lobster's bun.

My current LOBSTER ROLL ranking:
  1. Burger and Lobster (JEWEL)
  2. Luke's Lobster (Orchard)
  3. Lobsters and Ice Cream (Chinatown) 
  4. Chunky Lobsters (Cathay)
Can't remember what Pince and Pints tasted like so I'll leave it off the list for now. Seems like I'll have to continue my search for the perfect lobster roll!

About $25++ for a roll!  Don't know why there's service charge when you have to collect your food when the buzzer rings.

A short queue at 11, and a much loooonger one at 12pm. Luke's Lobster is situated right at the entrance of Shaw House's Isetan, so you can't miss it!

Decor is clean and cute. They have tables and a long bar top where you can people-watch while enjoying your meal. There's also a cool hand washing machine equipped with a lil TV.

We spotted many families with young children on the weekend, lucky kiddos!

There was also this guy who said, "I don't care about the price."

Lmao. Hope he enjoyed his roll!

Luke's Lobster
Isetan Scotts
Shaw House

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