Beginner Pottery at 3Arts



Today Si Min and I went to 3Arts for a 2.5 beginner pottery session. I drew Ellie Flowers with a pottery wheel and apron after my sesh. 

The teacher demonstrated the steps. We learnt how to Centre, Open, Centre again, and Pull.

Pottery is much harder than it looks. The instructors make it look so easy but now I know for a fact that it isn't. The clay is much harder than expected, especially at the start when you have to centre it!

Pulling is super difficult. Every time I get to this stage, my piece breaks off and I need to get a new mound of clay. Aigoo. 

Me hard at work. LOOOL

After a while my wrists ached. I am an old lady. You have to be steady, patient and firm when working with clay!

Smiling despite a lopsided disaster.

The instructors helped us a lot. Some of them guide you by putting your fingers in place, while others  sit down and try to salvage your absolutely shoddy work XD Well, what can I say? I have 1.5 hours of experience in comparison to their 10-30 years experience. 

But seriously, mad respect and admiration for potters! The glazed artwork, vases, bowls and tea pots were soooo lovely. I saw a wonderful black vase, and planters, cups and bowls coloured with modern palettes like white and millennial pink. 

My hands were mostly dirty so I didn't take any photos. All these photographs are from leelee!

Here is her completed plate. The spirals are lovely.

And her cup. You can see my little bowl (done mostly by the instructor) at the right corner. I discarded that and decided to fire my cup instead (not pictured.)

We were mad tired after our beginner class. It was fun though! I laughed a lot at my terrible skills and enjoyed the touch of cool clay. 

So... is pottery for me?
Not really. It requires a steady and firm hand to mould the clay. The pros make it look so breezy but man, it's tough. I prefer less forceful work like painting. The instructors say there's not much force involved but erm my arms are aching. HAHA. I am 100% happy about my experience though as pottery has always been on my bucket list! Hurray!!!

We bought our package from Fave and topped up $10 for every piece we wanted to keep, fire and glaze. However, the pieces will only be ready after 2 months! Looking forward to seeing them again after they go through 1000deg of heat. Braving the fire and through the passage of time? That's a keeper for sure.


Update : January 2021
Here are our beautiful pieces! Really enjoying the glaze colours and style.