Funky Snacks in Taiwan!

Hey guys!

Recently I've been on a trip to Taiwan and saw a lot of interesting snacks there. I took some photos to share them with you! Their flavours seem so wacky and creative.

First up, I saw these in a supermarket.

可乐果 Ke Le Guo is a pea cracker snack shaped like a twisty Fusilli.

This is the Gong Bao Ji Ding flavour, a dish you can order at tze char even in Singapore!

And the Hai Gua Zi flavour (fried clams)
We bought the Clam flavour one to try. It was pretty good and crunchy. Mostly the flavour is special because of the use of 九层塔, or basil. I would expect that from the Gong Bao Chicken flavour too.
The pack was quite big so please buy this to share.

 As you can see from the packaging, this would be perfect with a cold beer. Yum!

This was NT52, so only about $2.20 in Singapore! Cheap cheap!

Here comes the funky flavours...

Some Macaron flavoured chips, anyone?

I'd imagine these to be pretty interesting.

Or how about some Fresh Salad Lays for the "health conscious"? LOL

I also bought some Lime flavoured Lays (not pictured) to try. Lime and Black pepper chips are sooo good! Very refreshing and less salty, which prevents me from finishing the whole pack. Small wins for the waistline.

Spotted these Japanese flavours Lays too. Honey Chestnut and Plum.

Also found these funky Pringles! Check out these Takoyaki pringles, Ba Chor pringles, and Wasabi pringles!

Or maybe these berry flavoured snacks?

It promises to taste as sweet as your first love...

Lastly, this sticks snack. This is probably the funniest to me.

Singapore Chilli Crab flavour! For SGD $1.35 only
The fascination with Singapore 'flavours' never end.

Haha. Which of these would you try? I would probably go for the Cadina macaron chips, just for fun.

Till next time! The junk food mania never ends.