Love You Vol. 1

Hey guys!

Very excited to release some new music! This time I made four Chinese covers and put it in a mini album/mixtape form.

You can listen to it here on YouTube. or just click this video to play!

About the making of the songs 
The songs may sound better this time because the instrumentals are professionally produced (by the original artists)! What a difference it makes right? All I did were the vocals.
The most fun song to make: The last part of《想你的夜》关喆
The most difficult song to sing: 《有一種悲傷》A-Lin 
This song leaves people in tears, but it left me in tears too, because of the high notes. This was really challenging for me, and though I may not be able to mimic A-Lin in emoting the right amount of sadness for the lyrics, I learnt a lot just by studying her voice and techniques. 

Can I just say how much appreciation I have for A-Lin? She has incredible voice control and breath support. Crazy. She can change registers, create voice textures and emote so damn well. 你是神吗?

Also, when you listen to Eric Chou really, really closely, you'll find that his voice is actually more textured than it seems. 
Lastly, I will never get over Shila's cover of 想你的夜. Amazing.

This project...was really challenging and I learnt more about my voice too! However, I think I should have named this album Loved You because there are so many moody breakup songs. Lol.
Well I hope you enjoy it anyway.