Movie: The Notebook

Hey guys!

I finally got to check out some really hyped up oldies. I've always heard about the classic romance drama, The Notebook, and how heartbreaking it was that there was not a dry eye in the cinema. I mean, The Notebook was given a movie reference in the recent Men In Black International too.

So I finally caught it on Netflix!

The Notebook
Duration: 2h40min
Starring: Ryan Gosling as Noah and Rachel McAdams as Allie


The movie didn't get off to a good start, in my opinion.

I really didn't like how Allie was asked out on a date. Noah basically threatened to kill himself in order to get her to say she wanted to go on a date with him. The movie started out a little sociopathic really.

Then they did supposedly 'different' things like lying on the road. It's all fresh to the little rich girl from the city, doing things she would have never thought to, with this country boy. I understand the appeal and the novelty. It's fun to do silly, thrilling things.

A car really came by, though.
They get together real quick. It was a big summer romance at 17 years old.

There was a lot of girlish screaming and laughing. Jumping into lakes, running and hugging, and kissing for almost 40% of the movie. I would NOT recommend this to a sad single person. Haha.

For example, there's lots of playful kissing and hugging. Don't watch if it makes you feel woeful being single.

Rachel McAdams was wonderful as the spirited Allie. You can't tell that she was Queen Bee from Mean Girls. Great performance!

There are also some dancing sequences, but not as contrived as in La La Land, which I was not impressed by either. Haha.

This looks really fun!
Allie is introduced in the first few scenes as the daughter of her father who is 'richer than god'. Lol.
Later Noah is invited to a Sunday luncheon where he's the only one donning black in a table of snobby people dressed in white. Much symbolism here haha. Her daddy sports a fancy moustache.

The guests ask him what he does (lumberjack), and how much he makes - 40 cents and hour. Imagine the crazy judgy looks he invited, but he seemed oblivious to it.

Later Allie gets into a huge fight with her bf, when he overhears conversations by her parents saying that he's trash. Basically he's not good enough for her because he's dirt poor. He tries to leave her, only to incur her wrath. They kind of break up, and before they can make up, her parents move her out of town the very next day. Drama. They do not even get to say goodbye.

Then, Noah writes to Allie a letter a day, 365 letters in all. But her mother intercepts them, so she never receives any word. Noah goes off to war. 

Allie meets a smart, dashing and charming guy while volunteering as a nurse. He's super rich too, from old Southern money. Her parents wet themselves in excitement. They fall in love and he proposes.

Amidst marriage prep, she sees Noah in the papers. She rushes down to see him again.

They make up.

This looks straight out of The Little Mermaid, how dreamy indeed.

Allie was super indecisive though. Her to-go solution is to escape. She couldn't choose between her men. On one hand, she was finally reunited with her first love. On the other hand, she sports a huge diamond ring from her rich fiance. WhO will ShE cHoOse?! (This is my first attempt to convey my sarcastic tone through the Internet.)

In the end, her mother tells her to make the right choice and returns the letters. Noah has superb penmanship.'s a happy ending! No prizes if you guessed it right.

Concurrently there is also another timeline in the future where an elderly man reads to an elderly lady. It's not difficult to piece this together - they're old Allie and Noah.

I don't really understand why people can cry buckets over this...

These people would probably cry their soul out when they watch some serious tearjerkers, like Asian dramas and movies. Haha. GAJIMA~!

  • Absolutely loved the soundtrack. I'm currently listening to it on Spotify.
  • Loved the gorgeous, beautiful cars. Today, they're vintage. Can you imagine if we still drove around cars like these, but with today's tech? So stylish! 
  • Lastly, Rachel as Allie was outstanding. She definitely carried the whole show. 
One funny tidbit I saw was that the director wanted to cast someone not so handsome, so they got Ryan Gosling to do it. Lulz.

Verdict: It was okay, but don't expect to cry? 7/10