Mini Tom Yum Bangkok Cookies

Hi guys!

We've got a new snack in da house, big thanks to KT! Feeling really lucky to keep having new food items and tea to try out :)

These are Mini Bangkok Cookies, in Tom Yum flavour.

You get two packets in a box.

There is generous seasoning powder. Mostly the snack is savoury, with a tinge of sweetness and a tad of spice  and kaffir lime. It's also not very spicy, unlike the Mala potato wedges I had recently, which makes it a great gift to bring back for friends, family, or colleagues.

The rice patty is crunchy and is made of baked and deep fried Thai rice.

Verdict: 9/10
A fun and yummy snack. I went through them really quickly and I know you will too ;)

Edit: My friend Ling Hong has found these in Sheng Siong after trying them in BKK! She also recommends the Crab Curry flavour! There's also Green Curry if you're keen.

Till next time,