Hollin - Different flavoured pearls every day


Are you a big fan of bubble tea, or boba?

My tastes have changed over the years. From 100% to 50%, and an occasional 30%. From chocolate ice blends from Each a Cup, to Oolong milk tea variants without pearls. I love pudding too, but only the ones from Taiwan. Haha. I also dislike the super milk kind of BBT, and don't particularly enjoy the brown sugar ones either.

Saw this checklist a while back, and decided to do it!

I tried 12! How about you?

Ever since I spied this one time on the Burpple app, I made it a point to come back to try it. One-for-one bubble tea? Sign me up please. I've since been back a couple times.


Hollin serves different flavoured pearls every day. It makes for a catchy marketing tool too.

We went on a Friday, and that meant Peanut pearls! They also have cocoa, coconut, matcha pearls etc.

Caramel Macchiato with peanut pearls at 50%

Despite the queue, service was fast and the staff was chirpy and completely unfazed. We ordered these drinks:

1. Caramel Macchiato with peanut pearls at 50%
2. Rock Salt Macchiato  at 25% 

I thought I would be impressed with the pearls, but no, instead our hearts were completely captured by the salty foam of the macchiato! I can't wait to visit Hollin again and get another macchiato, maybe even without pearls (trying to diet here.)

The pearls were interesting but not very outstanding.

On a separate occasion, I asked the staff if the strawberry pearls were nice and he scooped out a small cup for me to try. Aww.

So I got to try these strawberry pearls, which were too sweet and fruity for me, but maybe perfect with their fruity drinks.

In the end, we got yet another macchiato again, LOL. #addiction.

They also have student deals to make things more affordable, so check it out!

Hollin (Suntec City)
3 Temasek Blvd, #02-605/605A,
Near Starbucks!

Also, I'm looking for yummy macchiatos to try, so HMU if you have any reccs other than Koi.

Till next time,