Movie: Men In Black International

Men In Black International
Duration:  1h 55min

Is it me, or are movies getting longer, and longer? Is it really necessary?

So anyway. In my mind I remembered the original MIB to be really fun and funny. This MIB was only okay, and it plods along. Some people even find it super boring and lame for its shabby plot. Its only saving grace is the star studded cast, featuring our Thor hero Chris as Agent H and Valkyrie, Tessa Thompson, as Agent M. They tried the best to bring some energy into this tired plot.

One of the most cringey things was Jianhao being on the screen in the MIB quarters. I'm guessing every country gets someone noteworthy to be a cameo but WHYYY? I was a bit horrified. 

The aliens were so-so, the fight scenes were okay, but there basically wasn't anything much that was interesting or particularly funny.

I did love Agent M's rise though. She's smart and capable. A little bit of a Mary Sue however. I'm guessing her character, as female, has to be rather politically correct. Thumbs up however for not being the over-sexualised sidekick but more of a main character with equal stature. Thank you for the representation though.

But huh. She gets recruited only after she said that she had no life? No relationships, no ties, no life, no anything. Even though she was smart, fit, logical, and scored super high in all the tests. What the heck is this ceiling? AND a fellow woman was doing the recruitment too. Parallels in life. Is this some subtext about how women need to give up things in order to move up in their careers? Aigoo.

Look at that smile! Such a cutie! 
So Agent H gets to play the super dumb but brave guy. There's nothing much to say except he was really acting like a himbo or maybe let's say Casanova. Many times Agent M saves his ass and steals the show. Not digging the 'romance' that seemed to have budded at the end of the movie, either, feels really contrived. Not feeling any chemistry there.

I'm really looking forward to better movies from both Tessa and Chris! I wonder how it must be like to graduate from the Avengers and end up in the same franchise. Must be hilarious.

They tried really hard to HYPE this movie though. Saw lots of collabs with suit makers, watch retailers and of course, black sunglasses in a mall. They do look smart though.

On a side note, I was watching this YouTuber interview Chris Hemsworth and he brought him some Korean snacks to try. His favourite is the Lotte Chocolate Rice Mochi Pie that I featured some time ago!!! OMG, one similarity we share. /swoons

Giving this a 6/10, and I'm going to watch the original MIB series on Netflix instead.

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