Tea Time: Houjicha


Today I wanna share one of my favourite teas! This packet of Houjicha was bought from Japan by my sister.

Houjicha is basically roasted green tea. Normal green tea goes through steaming, drying and crumpling, as well as shaping, but for houjicha, there is one last step that makes it special - the roasting of the leaves! This is why the leaves are brownish.

Houjicha therefore has a stronger, nutty flavour as compared to sencha, and I absolutely love it. 
You know how coffee gets people going in the morning? Houjicha is my that for me. It encourages me when I feel unmotivated or down in the dumps. After drinking it I feel comforted and energised! TEA IS LIFE!

Pardon the crumpled bag, our supply of houjicha is almost out. My glass tea pot is from Miniso, for about $5.90 or so? Loving it. I used to fantasize about owning a cute porcelain tea pot, but then I realised how much more useful a transparent glass one is. You can check the colour of your tea and stop the steeping, and also have a better idea of how much tea is left.

I also love the Houjicha parfait from Nana's Green Tea, but the Houjicha ice cream from Matchaya isn't my cup of tea. Do you know any place that serves good Houjicha desserts or products in Singapore? I would love to try them, so don't be shy and leave a comment.

Well, I hope you have a beau-tea-ful day! :)