My Almost Lasik Experience with LSC Eye Clinic


Today I'm going to share with my experience with LSC Eye Clinic. TLDR: I didn't get to do the surgery.

The LSC eye clinic is located on the 16th floor of Paragon Medical.

I never knew Paragon had an entire medical wing, did you?

Well anyway. You can also find various other clinics there, such as plastic surgery, or radiology clinics.

I wanted to get Lasik as my eye degree and astigmatism is really high. My sister went to the same clinic but was turned away from surgery as her cornea was too thin. I wanted to check mine to see if I would qualify. I was cautiously hopeful and slightly fearful as well as I would opt for the same day procedure if I passed the tests.

Here's a photo of a poster that describes the flow for your evaluation day.

After registration, you are put through a battery of eye tests in a dark room. The staff will take you through say 8 different eye machines. Some measure cornea thickness, your myopia, and some even spurt air in your eye to check for eye pressure. Most require you not to blink for 5 seconds.

Later, I was given eye dilating eye drops. These stung a little. Then I was given a tablet and earphones to watch two videos on Lasik pre-treatment and after care. You also have to sign a contract thing to declare that you have understood the instructions given.

My appointment was 10.30am, and I had a lunch break 12.30-1.30 as the staff told me the doctor was not available then anyway. I got to leave at about 2.30pm.

Anyway, I gotta recommend the really frothy Milo from the Nescafe machine they had. It definitely cheered me up.

Finally, it was my turn to consult the doctor, Mr Marc Tay.

He was a kind and gentle doctor who shook my hand and got down to discuss my condition. He said for Lasik, two main conditions must be met.

Firstly, you should not have an eye disease. Mine were healthy enough.

Secondly, your cornea has to be thick enough as the laser would cause it to be thinner. Mine was too thin so I did not qualify for Lasik. The doctor recommended that I do not do the procedure and that I should wait another 5 years for technology to improve even further. He also suggested some other options like the one where you cut the eye open and put some contact lens inside. Can't remember the name, but I wasn't very interested in that.

He also offered to recheck my eye a couple weeks later since I was an avid user of contact lens. If you wear contact lens, you gotta stop wearing them for about a week before you go for these tests. Your cornea shape will go back to normal so they can assess the situation then. However I have already been wearing spectacles for close to three weeks in anticipation of this checkup, since my sister told me about some of the procedures. So I declined to have another checkup.

So anyway. It's more of an aesthetic thing so I just hope my eye degree will not increase any further. I had thought it would stabilise but last month I went for an eye checkup and my degrees have increased yet again! The horror. I wish I could turn that around. All I want is clear vision :(

Nowadays I make it a point to look out and far away, and also take the same chance to walk around the room or at least stand to exercise both my eyes and my body. I also time myself on the phone for say 20-30 minutes when I'm using the computer so I will remember to take eye breaks. I also use bluelight shields and generally try to reduce glare on my electronic devices. The fonts I use on my devices are bigger than usual too.

Don't be like me yah, take care of your eyes!

My eyesight is definitely crap because I read a lot, and as a kid, I read in bad light too. I used to have my head buried in books. I literally walked around the supermarket with a book, or read in the car. Yes, I have also read while walking and bumped into something like a lamp post. Lol.

Growing up I spent a lot of time on the computer, so.... it's just inevitable I guess.

My eye evaluation exams turned out to be about $40. They used to have some FB promo that was $1 but oh well lol but by 2.30pm I was too depressed to care.


Just read a bunch of successful cases and feeling a little jealous, but it's ok lol I'll live. Still grateful I can see, with glasses and contacts, at the very least. And that I'm healthy, alive, and kicking. I hope you have a good eye journey if you are considering Lasik - do your homework and follow your gut when it comes to the clinic and doctor!

This is their address, but you probably should make an appointment first.

LSC Eye Clinic

290 Orchard Road, #16-01/02 Paragon Medical Tower 1 via Lift Lobby F, 238859


  1. Hey Skye, did you get any refractive surgery done in the end ? i also have high astigmatism in one eye so im exploring my options. Different drs have recommended different things

    1. Heya! No, I didn't do any eye surgery in the end... but my friends who did stuff on their eyes (lasik, implantable contact lens etc) have been raving about how their quality of life has improved tenfold XD