SPICY! Mala Mala Hand-cut Potato Wedges

Hi everybody! 

Today's snack is sponsored by my little sista. 

Introducing... the Mala Mala Hand-cut Potato Wedges! 

There are 4 small packets inside. For the Mala flavour, there are three types of spicy flavours you can choose from: Mild Spicy, Super Spicy, and Crazy Spicy.

Because we are kiasu, of course we choose Crazy Spicy.

Light and crispy potato wedges, with some intense mala flavouring.
This stuff is kinda addictive. But it's a lil too spicy for me!

Okay I gotta say, though my tolerance for spicy food has increased quite a bit over the years, this fiery snack really got me screaming out for mercy. I so want to pop more of these bite-sized potato wedges in my mouth but my tongue is burning and I'm dying. Haha. Proceed with caution, especially if you're the kind who likes to try spicy food but can't really take it (aka like me). This won't make you cry but it would probably just burn your taste buds (if you're weak).

That said, I admit that I am a 小辣 person lah...

I guess you won't know how spicy this is until you try it yourself! So fans of mala xiang guo, add this to the growing list of mala flavoured products to try!

Mala Mala have other products like mushroom chips and fish skin too. You can also pop by their shops at Vivo City, Paragon, or Jewel Changi. More info on their website, malamala.com.sg.