Little Caesars Pizza

CBD friends, rejoice!

If you need cheap and decent pizza for a office party, maybe give Little Caesars Pizza a try.

$7.99 for a large 12 inch pepperoni. CHEAP or what?! You can also get a smaller pizza for one, plus a drink at just $6.

Little Caesars Pizza makes a really bold promise - pizza that is hot and fresh, when you walk in. No calling, no waiting.

And we did get our pizza hot and fresh, and FAST indeed. We opted for the $15 set which comprised of a large Pepperoni pizza, chicken and a cup of Pepsi. This is exactly my kind of romantic date!

Love is the moment when you open the pizza box. 

Let me hear you say, YAAAS

The pizza dough is made in-house daily, and the cheeses used are mozzarella and muenster. They were pretty generous with it!

The dough is not as dense as the ones from Pizza Maru, and I liked how simple and fuss-free the pizza was. Not overly greasy too.

You can choose from other classic American flavours like Hawaiian, Supreme, Veggie or 3 Meat Treat. Nothing Singaporean like Curry Chicken (Pizza Hut), Laksa (Pizzaexpress), or fancy like Truffle pizzas etc. No choice of thin crust either.

Though the 6pc chicken drumlets and wings were probably microwaved, they were served piping hot. There are several flavours, like buffalo, BBQ, or spicy. Taste wise it's more of cooked chicken with sauce, but at least these were juicy, not like the terrible experience I had with Wing Zone. Still loving the kind of spicy, slightly sticky kind of drumlets from BK or Pizza Hut though. Most likely these are already tuned to Singaporean tastes.

Many people get the pizza to go, but you can also choose to dine in.

You can also get some Caesar Dips for your bread sticks.

 However, we saw a dude pour his cheese all over his pizza. Well that works too!

: Recently I've been playing this tablet game called Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Basically you make pizzas and run a pizza outlet. It differs from other food games because you don't simply tap 'sauce' to put sauce on your pie. You gotta literally draw it out, and place the ingredients. And the stuff doesn't look perfect like in Cooking Mama. Also, customers can be super GL and say things like 'I want a pizza like the sun, and half it four times'. It's up to you to figure out their orders, or maybe Google for walkthroughs. Lol. Haha I really enjoy it, though it has made me real hungry for pizza...

You can pay for your pizza via GrabPay too. Chalk up those points, baby.

Verdict: 7/10
No ambience, it's really a straight forward fast food joint. Simple and cheap pizza. Nothing super outstanding in taste but we all love a good, sinful yet cheap meal! Great for catering to the office.

Little Caesars Pizza
16 Collyer Quay #01-05 (Income @ Raffles)
Singapore, 049317
Telephone: +65 6260 5272

10.00 am - 8.00 pm (Monday - Friday)
11.00 am - 7.00 pm (Saturday)
Closed on Sundays & Public Holiday

Pizza days are the best days, don't you agree?

Happy Pizza Eating!