5 Entertainer Spots to Check Out: Feb 2019

Heya lovelies! 
It's time for our February edition of Entertainer Spots to Check Out! 

The Pelican

1 Fullerton Rd, #01-01 One Fullerton, Singapore 049213

Warm lighting, cosy round booth tables indoors. If seated outdoors, you get to enjoy the view of the waterfront. Good for fancy date nights! Two tables also celebrated their birthdays when we were there.

Comments on Food:
The Chilli Crab Linguine was delightful and no ingredient overpowered the others. The waiter also asked us if we would like to serve it in two plates as we were sharing two mains. Thank you for the initiative!

Half a portion of the Chilli Crab Linguine

Beautiful and tasty Snapper  Pie

We ordered the Snapper Pie. The waiter will warn you of its longer waiting time, but IMO it's worth the wait! Just eat your other main first.

The Snapper Pie is pretty popular at the restaurant. The table of four behind us ordered one each! I guess nobody wanted to share!

The pie crust was baked to a beautiful deep brown, and was crispy. Upon piercing it open, you will find a fresh, juicy snapper dressed in white, creamy, sauce that leans more to a nuanced salty taste, as compared to say a carbonara sauce which is less complex and more flat. We enjoyed this!

Service was excellent. We chose to sit indoors, and though we were only a party of two, we were given a large round booth table. How luxurious! The outdoor tables were filled too, with diners that wanted to enjoy the view and drink.

Reservation by Chope: Yes
Rating: 8.5/10

Pizzaexpress (Scotts Square, Bugis DUO Galleria)

Pizzaexpress has many different branches, including Century Square and Holland Village. We went to these two.

Bugis DUO: 7 Fraser St, Singapore 189356
Scotts Square: 6 Scotts Rd, Unit B1 08/09, Singapore 228209

Great if you want to share food in a casual setting.

Bugis Duo - Has many tables outdoor and indoor, good for both large and small parties. The Bugis Duo mall isn't very crowded, as compared to Bugis Junction and Bugis Plus. That's a big draw for anybody who hates to compete with crowds.

Scotts Square - Pretty packed on a Friday evening, many expats and their families. Part of an open space in the mall.

Comments on Food:
Topped with generous prawns, squid and even tau kwa, the pizza was interesting and tasty indeed. Laksa leaves complete the fragrance of the pizza, and this was a memorable eat!

Laksa Pizza
On another occasion, we ordered the Calabrese and the American Hot. Both are thin crust pizzas.
The Calabrese was a yummier choice.

Calabrese, Thin Crust, $29
Tip: The Lobster Ravioli is a chef's recommended dish, but we found it rather unimpressive. Skip.

Reservation by Chope: Yes
Rating: 7/10

Marmalade Pantry

#01, 01, Oasia Hotel Downtown, 100 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079333 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
The other outlet is at Novena.

Located in the lobby of a hotel, you will find diners from all over the world, couples on a weekend date, and friends hanging out. Nevertheless, the place is spacious and quiet enough to hold a conversation. Menu, decor etc was also very pretty.

Comments on Food: 
If you're a cafe hopper, the Marmalade Pantry will be no stranger to you.

We ordered a Breakfast set and French Toast to share.

Service was great, but the food was so-so. None of the food was particularly special or delicious, so there isn't much to shout about. Typical cafe prices, total bill for two mains after the app was $30.

Tip: The Entertainer app extends to its Brunch menu as well. 

Reservation by Chope: Yes
Rating: 6.5/10

Shake Farm

Actually situated at 01-02 50 Robinson Road, 068882
We went to the wrong one at 126 Telok Ayer Street, which is now their HQ and offers Yoga, Pilates, and Boxercise.

Colourful and inviting, people come here to chill or work on their laptops.

Comments on Food:
Shake farm offers lots of shakes, acai bowls, and sandwiches etc. We shared two Large cups of Body Boost, a cool respite to the heat outside. The drink was not overly sweet, and had a light taste of acai. Also props for using paper straws instead of plastic ones.  A large cup costs $12.

Body Boost:  kiwi, strawberry, banana, flax seeds, coconut, water, lime and acai berry pulp

Tip: The app discount only works for two same orders, so if you order the Body Boost, the other drink would be the same. The entertainer app will only work on the Robinson outlet.

Reservation by Chope: No

Rating: 6.5/10


20 Cross St, Singapore 048422 (Raffles Place or Telok Ayer MRT)

Before 8 p.m, it's easier to chat with friends before the live band starts. However, the band was pretty good and there was a lively atmosphere, perfect for winding down after a long week at work.

Comments on Food:

The Carbonara with Sea Urchin was pretty funky with its fusion style.

As for the Pork Ribs, they were very tender and the bones were easy to remove. Great for diners like me who don't like to deal with bones.

The Margherita Pizza was thin crust and good to share with friends.

We went there on a Friday and it was pretty crowded,  so if you want to sit indoors, maybe make a reservation beforehand. There's a smoking area outside if you are not fussy and prefer to do a walk-in.

Tip: There's a Happy Hour all week after 6 p.m.! Avoid Sundays as they are closed. For non-Entertainer diners, on Saturdays there is also a 1-for-1 mains promotion.

Reservation by Chope: Yes
Rating: 8/10

We hope you enjoyed this February edition of reviews! Bon appetit :)

Skye and Yu Ting

P.S. We add the Reservations by Chope sections in our mini guides so you can earn Chope dollars $ and exchange them for cash vouchers or more restaurant discounts!

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