FUN Card Games To Try

Easy-to-play card games are all the rage today. Instead of the usual eat-and-gossip over a meal, meet-ups can easily be livened up with fun, portable card games. You played and laughed over Monopoly Deal and Uno, but now it's time to discover other games that test (or destroy) your friendships.

1. Sushi Go!

How To Win: Every cute sushi card gives you points. Different combinations of sushi can also help you gain more points and win the game. 
Plus points: Attractive, cute graphics, but kinds of makes you hungry.
Brain Power needed: 6/10, you need to remember what each card does, and someone needs to tally the score every round.
Players: 2-5, while the extension version, Sushi Go Party!, plays up to 8 players.
Portability: 7/10, comes in a hardy metal tin box that can fit in a backpack.

2. The Singaporean Dream 

How To Win: Collect as many Dream cards as you can to live your best life in Singapore. Start off as an Ah Beng, Aunty, OL, amongst other quintessential Singaporean personalities.
Plus points: Very funny and relatable, guaranteed to get laughs!
Brain Power needed: 6/10
Players: 3-6
Portability: 10/10, comes in a small palm size box.

3. Exploding Kittens

How To Win: Collect Attack or Defense cards and try to survive the exploding kitten! Don't forget to sabo your friends and secretly plot their deaths.
Plus points: It's always fun to sabotage others (in a game).  Funny graphics too!
Brain Power needed: 5/10
Players: 2-5, everyone for himself. Plays up to 6 players with the extension pack Imploding Kittens, that includes 20 new cards.
Portability: 7/10, comes in a hard cardboard box that would not fit in your pocket. Just repack in smaller ziplock bags if needed.

4. Organ Attack!

How To Win: Defend your precious organs and attack your friends! Last one standing wins.
Plus points: Cute design and fun to play. Extra points for actually being medically accurate. Good for training the next doctor in the family. (Joking.)
Brain Power needed: 7/10
Players needed: 2-6
Portability: 7/10, rule book can be bulky.

5. Codenames

How To Win: Give one word clues to help your team guess the correct card. If they choose the opposing team's card, it's an own goal.
Plus points: Great for competitive friends.  Hilarious when nobody is on the same wavelength and you gain zero points.
Brain Power needed: 10/10, this game is harder than it looks, especially when you have to come up with an enlightening clue to help your team mate, yet be all sorts of subtle at the same time.
Players needed: 2-8, usually played in two teams.
Portability: 7/10, comes in a hard cardboard box that would also not fit in your pocket.

6. Unstable Unicorns 

How To Win:  With kawaii cards with special powers, you will protec, attac, but most importantly, collect cards to build your own Unicorn Army.
Plus points: Cute and funny graphics that remind us of Neopets, so maybe an extra point for an unintended nostalgia hit.
Brain Power needed: 7/10
Players needed: 2-8
Portability: Also comes in a small to medium sized box, but feel free to repack into something more space saving.

Last Notes

These games usually range from 15-30 minutes per play and require a flat surface. You can buy them in toy stores, others on Lazada or Shopee. If you prefer to play them first, ask your friends if they own a set, or head over to a board game cafe like The Mind Cafe before making a purchase.

If you want something a little different for your next gathering, break out these cute little party games. See a side of your friend you never knew.

These games are also a great investment if you prefer inviting friends over to your place, instead of spending time outside. What's more, you can also play them during CNY, as most of these games have easy rules that even your young relative will understand. Win-win situations on every count. Plus, it sparks joy, so Marie Kondo will approve, even though you added a new item to your space.

Tip: For games with bigger boxes, just repack them in ziplock bags or preferred pouch to save space!

I hope you enjoy these games with your friends and loved ones!