Burpple Beyond Food Guide Volume 2

Hello and welcome back dear foodie!

This month we're back with a three Burpple Beyond picks, meant to help relieve you from choice paralysis when you're eating out. Hope our blogpost helps you out a little!


363 Jln Besar, Singapore 208994
Ambience: Round table, Chinese banquet style without the garishness. Great place to bring the family or for a bigger group of friends!

Comments on Food: 
We ordered two rice dishes (Yang Chow and their Chef recommended Sambal rice which wasn't very spicy), two vegetable dishes with Burpple Beyond, and one tofu dish.

The meat of course, stole the show. We had the Crispy Roast Pork Belly, the  Signature Char Siew and the Soya Sauce Kampong chicken.

Roast Pork: This was melt in your mouth goodness. Highly recommended!

The chicken. Pretty delicious but our least favourite among the three meat dishes.

The Char Siew was very yummy!  Veggies were standard.

Home Made Charcoal Tofu. I have never eaten black tofu, lol. It was not bad.

Tips: Burpple Beyond not available for the meat dishes. You can use BB on rice, vegetable dishes, but only for those under $14. Our total bill came up to $133 or so for six people.

Head to nearby cafes, Wimbly Lu or Chye Seng Huat Hardware for some coffee and dessert!

Rating: 8.5/10

Wing Zone (Bugis+)

04-02 Bugis +, 201 Victoria Street

Ambience: Few customers despite the lunch hour.

Comments on Food: 
It started out great. I was excited because there were so many flavours to choose from. They even had a huge wheel at the counter you could spin to help you decide on a flavour!

We used BB for the 6pc Honey and 6pc Blackened Voodoo, a dry rub Cajun flavour.

Front: Honey, Back: Blackened Voodoo

Both were disappointing. The chicken was nothing special, and I felt that they just drizzled the honey sauce on. No wonder they had so many flavours?! The chicken wasn't very hot either. As for the Blackened Voodoo, the flavour didn't leave much impression either. It wasn't very crispy as well. Chicken was the drier type, and not the juicy kind.

I guess some people may enjoy their style of chicken, but I much prefer the Korean fried chicken style (think 4fingers etc). Ever since Korean fried chicken, life has changed for the better. Sorry, but these were both lacking in texture and flavour. To think I was so excited by the amount of variation they offered on their menu. Super sad meal :(

Tips: Plastic gloves provided, but there were no plates. The staff provides you with another of the metal tray if you request for it.

Rating: 3/10, not coming back again.

Second Storey Cafe Bar

19 East Coast Road, S428746

Ambience: The restaurant is located on the second floor, as its name suggests. Pretty quiet for a Thursday night, but it was a comfy large space to dine in.

Comments on Food:

To start off, we got Buffalo Wings. They were not spicy at all so you can order this if you don't really eat spicy stuff.

We ordered two pizzas and a burger!

The Beef Burger 
 Burger was average, while the pizzas were alright but a tad too salty. Pizzas were the thin crust doughy kind, not the crispy kind.

The strangest thing was that the Hawaiian Hoopla had no pineapples ???

Hawaiian Hoopla

Smoked Duck Pizza
The Smoked Duck pizza was topped with spring onions. I believe a sweet sauce like Hoisin was used too.

Overall, it's an affordable eat in the Katong area. Top it off with some alcohol, acai bowl, or boutique ice cream nearby.

Tip: Downstairs, there's the Lower East Side where many people were busy chugging their night away. There's a sweet promo for all you can drink beer for 90 minutes! $22 for ladies, $24 for gentlemen.

Rating: 7/10

Cheers and BON APPETIT!