3 Entertainer Spots to Check Out: April 2019

Heya guys,

Here's our latest post on 3 restaurants and cafes you can check out on the Entertainer 1-for-1 app! This time we only have three spots to feature instead of the usual five, because... honestly we have been using our Burpple Beyond app more. (LOL)

The Bravery
66 Horne Rd, Singapore 209073 (Lavender MRT)

Ambience: Industrial deco with a few artistic lightbulbs. Pretty no-frills. Can be pretty loud and echo-y when there’s a crowd.

Comments on Food: 

Bagel Set ($14.50) 
The portion was pretty big but the ingredients didn’t really match well with each other. Would’ve preferred if they provided some sort of sweet jam to go with the sweet bagel but there wasn’t such an option. The ingredients tasted good separately/on their own though.

Omelette with smoked salmon ($11)
Omelette was not over-cooked as it was slightly runny on the inside, but tasted a bit plain.

Tip: Halal friendly and muslim owned!
Reservations by Chope: No
Rating: 7/10

Mad For Garlic

3 Temasek Blvd, 02-300/301, Singapore 038983 (West Wing, second floor above H&M and Uniqlo)

Ambience: This place gets crowded real quick, and long lines often form during meal times. Come early to avoid the wait. There are booths and the atmosphere is casual.

Comments on Food:
Tom Yum Pizza
We decided to give the Tom Yum Pizza ($23) a try and it turned out pretty good! The Tom Yum taste was not overpowering, prawns tasted fresh, and the fried garlic pieces were great. Wished that there were more lime slices though!

For a safer choice, go for the signature Garlic Snowing Pizza ($25), which is a thin crust base with sweet white sauce, garlic, shrimps and pineapples. Topped with plenty of freshly grated cheese by the staff.
Garlic Snowing Pizza $25
Ragu Steak Fettuccine $25
The Ragu was not as expected. The picture in the menu showed cubes of steak, but there were only minced beef here. Other than that, it was an okay dish. Good for sharing.

Lemon Calamari Cream Risotto $25

The waitress presented us with the choice of Spicy or non-Spicy for the risotto. We went with the spicy, and it was tasted more peppery really. The pickled garlic sprout topping the dish was a great appetiser and added a refreshing layer of taste when eaten with the risotto. Calamari was cut into small pieces and blended in with the rice. No taste complaints here, it was a comforting dish.
Total bill was $60 after Entertainer.


-No tap water served, but you can get a Dasani bottle for $1.

-The restaurant can be rather chilly so prepare a jacket especially if you're in shorts!

-Also, if you are driving, Tower 5 office is the nearest you can park at. Download and register to be a member with the Suntec City app for free parking too (approach counter staff for assistance).

Reservation by Chope: No
Rating: 7/10

Baja Fresh

9 Bras Basah Rd, Rendezvous Gallery (Closest MRT: Bras Basah MRT)

Casual! You may spot SMU students . On the weekend we spotted several couples just chillin' out.

Comments on Food:
You can order at the self-service kiosk. but if you're using Entertainer, speak to the staff at the cashier instead.

Barely two minutes after we made our order, both our food arrived! How's that for FAST food? We were mad impressed by the efficiency.

This is the grilled chicken rice bowl. Really hearty, and feels healthy. Lol.

And this is the Baja Burrito! Yums! Tomatoes, avocados, and I chose spicy chicken from the list. You can pick shrimp, steak, and veggies too.

We were absolutely starving so we just scarfed these down. This place is good for a casual Mexican fix. Nothing super special, but decent enough to fill you up quick.

Tip: Get some extra salsa and sauces from the free flow bar!

Rating: 7/10

That's all from us folks! We're gonna be busy eating our hearts out, so till next time!

Bon Appetit,
Skye and Si Min

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