Adventures at Chestnut Park: Nature Trail (Part 1)

Nature Trail in Chestnut Park

Heya guys!

I adore hiking and going out for nature walks, and we've been hitting places in Singapore, like MacRitchie, Henderson Waves/Southern Ridges and of course, Bukit Timah Hill. Did some Googling and we went to check out Chestnut Park!

Chestnut Park is a little more under the radar for hiking in Singapore, and we used some online guides and blogs to help us get there. However, it's still a rather confusing place to navigate because of the number of trails, so I thought I'll do a post explaining some of them!

How To Get There

For public transport, we found that the more direct option is take the bus to Opp Blk 201 (Pending Road, 44389).

Buses 700, 700A, 966 and 973

However, we have also tried taking the LRT to Bukit Panjang before taking the bus to this bus stop. Whatever works for you!

There is also a carpark at the entrance of the park, for those of you who drive.

So if you take the bus to this bus stop, look out for this Condo across the street.

It's called the Eco Sanctuary.

Walk straight, keep going. You will walk past a lot of atas looking condos.

Eventually you'll see this curved road!

Head left  and follow the main road for Chestnut Park, and go into a little path for Zhenghua park, which I will cover in a separate article next time)
Then you'll walk for a looong stretch, going through underpasses like these.

Before going down a slope and ending up here!

Chestnut Park, yay!

You'll see this rest stop / car park area.

There is a water cooler, clean toilets, and a little bike shop where you can buy ice cream and cold drinks.


You can also take a shortcut through the HDB flats to reach the Northern Loop. We once followed an auntie and uncle out of the park through there! XD Many bikers (without cars) use this route to access the park too.

Use Google Maps to get you to Block 270. There is a trail behind the HDB flats that lead into the nature. You'll walk under some kind of shelter (from express way or some kind of bridge). More photos on that in a separate post!

We saw a sign saying 'Nature Trail' or was it Trek, so we set upon trying to look for it.

Nature Trail

It was a little hidden and can get confusing but we finally found it right beside the shop, where some people were washing their bikes. LOL

The path above is for bikers only. We saw cute kiddos on the trail too! With bikes without pedals haha. 
Entrance to the trail.

The whole Nature trail is just a quick 1.2km!
A look at the trail. Sometimes you get these mini steep slopes.
Spot the squirrel!
Saw this tree with grape like fruits. 

A closer look. I have no idea what these are, sadly. Somebody enlighten me lol.
Came across this intersection. 
We went for the Cyathea Hut!
A little stream :)

Click to watch a video and hear the stream!

A bridge! 
Heard the gushing of water - it was a canal drain! 
Cyathea Hut where you can take a break. Cyathea is the name of a tree fern.

I believe we took this path back.

To get back to the carpark area, go to Chestnut Point! Just follow the signs. We went back there because I wanted to enter the Northern Loop from there. 
If you feel lost, take out your google maps to orientate yourself :)

There are not many hikers on this short, quiet trail.

Make sure you don't wander into the biking trail, it's dangerous!

Stay tuned for the next parts in the series where we cover Zhenghua Park, and the two main parts of Chestnut Park - the Southern Loop and Northern Loop!

Till next time,