Adventures at Chestnut Park: Zhenghua Park (Part 2)

Heya guys!
As promised here is the post on Zhenghua Park! After getting off the bus stop, you'll find this huge rock and two paths.

This is what the path looks like!

There are a couple benches here. Next to this is mountain bike track, many bikers gather here before they begin.

We decided to check out Zhenghua park.

A sample of what the trail looks like.

The trail was pretty sandy!

Saw this and laughed about it, but my BF was like, it's not funny. Thinking back it's true LOL. Met a whole family of boars at Pulau Ubin that left us alone, but not every boar is as nonchalant!

There are signs like this as you go along.

Spotted some cool looking mushrooms!

After a short walk we ended up here, at Belukar Track. A quick Google search told us it would lead to Bukit Timah, but we were going to explore Chestnut Park that day so we backtracked! 

I hope to update this blogspace on Belukar Track next time :)

Hope you enjoy this rather straightforward trail!


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