Tea Time: Xiaoguan Green Tea

Hey you guys!

How are you?

It's time for another session of Tea Time. Today we have yet another green tea, this time from China.

Xiao Guan Green Tea (小罐绿茶)

A little story:
My friend received this box of fancy luxury tea on her business trip in China. Packaging wise, it's very novel because the tea comes in a metal capsule form. So fancy! It keeps the leaves fresh and the moisture out.

Here's a look at what the leaves look like. They smell fragrant!

The tea is sold in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. They also printed QR codes behind the capsule, but their website is www.xiaoguancha.com if you're interested.

Taste: This tea is super mild and delicate. It has a little bitter green tea after-taste. It's a smooth tea that really cleanses your palate, as Chinese teas go. I prefer this after lunch rather than a morning tea. It makes me feel less guilty about whatever oily thing I ate for lunch.


And today's book is about working in a start-up.

Disrupted by Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons works as the Technology Editor in the magazine Newsweek. Then one day, he gets cut from the job. The fifty-year-old is at a loss. What should he do now? How about...working in a start-up?

The book is hilarious! I cackled to myself late into the night. Not chuckle, but cackle. It was that funny lol.

I'm at Chapter 10 now, halfway through the book. Dan worked at a company called HubSpot, a b2b that sells a marketing product that supposedly helps make marketing more efficient. It attracted a lot of investment money, but no one seems to know what's really happening. 

Here are some excerpts.

"Some people are more HubSpotty than others. Some are 100 percent HubSpotty that is so complete as to be beyond reproach. Those people 'bleed orange'.  

Orange is the company colour. The office is much like Google - structured like a child's playroom, bright with games and toys like the requisite foosball table every 'cool' company must have. Work must be FUN! 

"HubSpotters talk about 'inspiring people,' 'being remarkable', 'conquering fear', and being 'rock stars' and 'superstars with super powers'. They talk about 'delightion', which is a made-up word, invented by Dharmesh (one of the peeps who pumped money/co-founder) that means delighting our customers."

I laughed a lot. Things are so absurd. LOL.

"He (Dharmesh) now brings a teddy bear to meetings, and he recommends that everyone else do the same." 

When I saw the teddy bear I just laughed out loud. LOL

In many ways HubSpot was rather cult-ish, full of youngsters fresh out of college. Dan was super out of the place cuz he was so old.

The chapter titles are funny too. ' We Need to Make the Blog a Lot more Dumberer'. Lmao.

Dan spends a lot of his time in meetings, and he doesn't really know what his job is. He shares an exposé on what really goes on in a start-up. Lots of ironic and absurd things happen, and the best thing is that, NO ONE BLINKS AN EYE!

The author really dished all the dirt he could find in this book.

It's like watching a train wreck. So fascinating. 

Catch you soon,