Avengers Endgame


Have you caught Avengers: Endgame yet? I hope you have, cuz this post is gonna be full of spoilers.

Note: This post is not meant to analyse anything. It's just me sharing my thoughts :)

We camped online and got our GV tickets for the first day for $9.50 each. Not so much for trying to be the first to watch the movie, but because Wednesday worked for our schedule LOL.

Later in the afternoon, the news reported that people were trying to sell tickets for $300 a pop in Singapore. You siao ah. I wonder if anyone really bought these tickets.

We didn't order any drinks and drank water sparingly. The fear of needing to pee during the movie is real. I honestly didn't encounter any spoilers, or maybe they really didn't register in my mind at all. /shrugs

There was this, however, in the news.

Brie Larson and Scarlett Johansson at the LA premiere, sporting Infinity Stone jewellery!

Cropped their hands so you get a closer look! 

Feels very spoiler right?


Watching with first day fanbros is always fun. When the movie started, they whooped and clapped, and then someone shushed them Lol.

The scene starts with Hawkeye and his family in an idyllic setting. Someone was like, "Start already ah?" Lol. It did look like an ad. 


Fanbros had funny sound effects throughout the show.

When Scarlet Witch came out: Oh shit.
When Spiderman and other 'dead' characters came back on the battleground: OOOO
When Tony died:  *sniffle*

My fave parts:

  • Laughing at Fat Thor! (Yes I am aware of all the fat shaming news etc. Try reading this too)
    I love how he cups his belly. So relatable. Haha.
  • Laughing at Cap Am handling the hammer like a pro, even summoning lightning. I KNEW he would use it since he managed to lift it before.
  • "You take the little one," said Thor to Captain.
  • "Hail Hydra." Cap is the last person you would have thought would say that. LOL
    "I can do this all day."
    "I know, I know."
  • Being like YAAAS when Black Panther, and the rest of the good guys came back to fight together. Let the phoenix rise from the literal ashes! The reunion scene was great.
  • Lol-ing when superheroes meet each other and say hi.
  • The all girl moment when the badass heroines guarded Cap Marvel as she brought the gauntlet to Antman. It was kind of strange that they suddenly came together but oh well Marvel throws us a little morsel of girl power here. Does this only happen when Cap Marvel is around?
  • Silly Smart Hulk (as described by the subtitles)
  • Scarlet Witch: "You took everything from me."
    Thanos: "I don't even know who you are!"
  • The soul stone scenes in this movie, and the Infinity War, are always heartbreaking.
Lol moments in my mind
  • I couldn't recognise some peeps without enough context, such as the Wasp. Oops.
  • When Scott Lang approached his house, I thought we were gonna see that huge ant playing drums again. LOL
Me when Thanos had the gauntlet AGAIN: NOOOOOOO
I hate it when movies and shows employ the do-over style, like in Groundhog Day or in Umbrella Academy. It really grates on me.
However, in Avengers Endgame, old scenes were cleverly used to steal the stones back. They were kept short and sweet too.

It's discussion time! (And time to visit the toilet.)

Sad moments:
  • When Black Widow died :O "Seeya in a minute," she said.

  • Iron Man. Nuff' said. People started sniffling in the cinema.
Satisfying parts:
  • Remember when Nebula first rejected Gamora's hand at the start of the movie? She finally takes it later in the movie, and together they help defeat Thanos.

  • When Thor passes down the baton to Valkyrie. Yeaaaah.
  • When Captain America passes down his shield and his responsibility. Lots of new guard changes, which is fitting for the end of a series.
I also googled more to figure out which stones we saw in previous movies. Things get confusing sometimes.

At the funeral, the camera pans around to show us who was present. This included a teenage boy. 
Many were left scratching their heads - who is this boy?

Apparently he's from Iron Man 3, and his name is Harley Keener. Iron Man was raiding his garage while on the run. You can read more about him here. TBH I can't remember what happened in IM3.

I can't wait for the next movie!

I cannot believe that the first movie, Iron Man, came out in 2008. We have been dutifully watching every movie since then, for about 11 years! Wow the feels :') 

I felt that Endgame was satisfying, and it really didn't feel like 3 hours had gone by. It was probably fitting that Iron Man, the character that started the movie series off, be the one who wore the gauntlet in the end and did the final snap.

I'm curious - which is your favourite movie in the series? 

Captain America isn't my favourite character, but I liked his movies more than the Hulk series. I enjoyed Black Panther loads too! Meanwhile, Thor Ragnarok and Age of Ultron ranks low on my list.

I also made a poll to make your choose between all dem characters. HAHA. Just for fun lah. I could only put 10 characters in the poll so choose from there!

In the cinema we caught this trailer featuring Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie). The movie looks fun! Watch the trailer here:


P.S. The gifs are obviously not from Endgame, lol. Duh.