Tea Time: Chungjungone Corn Silk Tea

Hello you :)

For today's tea time, we have some Korean Corn Silk Tea from the brand Chungjungone. Thank you Krisha and Ivan for the tea gift!

The packet smells really good!

There are three tea bags in each plastic packet. You can get it from Korean marts like Koryo Mart, or I spotted it on the Fairprice website too!

The tea is really fragrant and lifts my spirits. My mum enjoyed it too! A nice hearty tea to wind down with.


I've been reading these two books by Laura Lam.

The first of the Pacifica series is called False Hearts. 

Twin conjoined sisters born in a cult escape and get embroiled in underworld criminal trouble in a world that has hover-cars and replicators that create food and (3D) prints things such as clothes. People also visit flesh parlours to change how they look. Your identity is stored in Verichips embedded in your body, and you can brain download information and graduate with a degree easily.

Our main characters try to bring down a dangerous drug ring and get to the bottom of things. Some romance here and there, but personally I didn't care for it. Lol.

This book had fancy budget for some cool red pages!

I found this book pretty interesting. As if a futuristic world was not enough, we also have a dodgy cult called 'The Hearth' living at the fringes of the city. The cult is headed by a lady called Mana-ma. There is also a Brother who is the 'husband'. Strange practices like mass dreaming sessions occur, with help from psychedelic drugs. They also reject technology but of course plenty of contradictions occur in a cult, to the advantage of the leader.

I guess adding a cult to the mix really shakes things up. The Netflix series of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt also uses the idea of a cult to make her character so clueless. (I didn't enjoy the show though.)

I don't know about you but I am always fascinated and pretty terrified by cults. Some famous cults in the world include the Aum Shinrikyo cult from Japan that was behind the deadly Sarin gas attack in the train. And how about the Illuminati????? So mysterious, but so creepy too.

(If you're interested in cults you might wanna check out this book on real life cults,  The Secret History of Cults: Bizarre Rituals and Murderous Practices Revealed. Warning: It's pretty dark.)

So anyway. False Hearts was a good read mainly for its premise! I couldn't get attached to any of the characters unfortunately. It was refreshing for me to read such a book though, I haven't been in touch with such sci-fi stuff for a while.

Second in the series, is Shattered Minds, by the same author.

In this book, we have a new character who battles her addiction to drugs. She has a very violent and dark past, and later is roped in to bring down the institution too. The author uses the same formula from the first book for the romance segment. There's always a convenient good looking guy nearby to help. Lmao.


This book loses steam quickly and is not as powerful as the first, but I guess fans of the first book would still read it anyway.

Ah well. I hope you guys have a great week ahead!