Trying Nissin Korean Army Stew Instant Noodles

Hey guys!

Today I'm really excited to do a taste test for the newest Instant Noodle in town - the Nissin Korean Army Stew flavour! As a big instant noodle fan, I knew I had to get my hands on it once I saw the ads online.

I'm a fan of army stew, or budae jjigae, which is a spicy and savoury hot pot dish with ingredients like kimchi, beans, sausage and spam. It's pretty pricey in Singapore though, going for at least $30 in a restaurant. You usually share the stew with a couple of friends.

I was really excited about this cup noodle because now you can get a quick fix of army stew in a one-person portion, just by adding hot water. Most importantly, it's super cheap. Say what?!

I got mine at NTUC Finest. There was some promo going on so I got them at $1.50 each. Nissin says you can find the cup noodle at all major supermarkets.

First look: There's an extra chilli oil packet, and the ingredients look pretty normal though they claim 'LOTS OF INGREDIENTS' on the cup.

Add hot water and you're ready to go!

First taste: I feel like I got pranked.
This tastes nothing close to army stew lor please. It's closer to the Chicken flavour, with some extra spiciness (or the Signature Nissin flavour if you know what I'm talking about.)

Spiciness level wise, if Shin Ramyeon is a 6/10, this is a 3/10. It's a little fiery but that's about it.

You'll also find some fat cubes of chicken, Nissin style eggs, and some pieces of sour kimchi.

But still the flavour of the soup is really nothing close to the original. I am so disappointed with this lol. Guess it's 一分钱一分货. Cannot expect much since it's super cheap I guess.

Verdict: Try for fun, but don't expect anything much. There is no need to rush out to get it like me :'(

I'm not wasting my MSG quota on this lol.

See you guys soon!

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