Steeped Tea Bar (Bugis)

Hello friends!

We visited the Steeped Tea Bar in Bugis last weekend, and it was the perfect respite from the sweltering heat. 

We selected the two most popular Tea Mocktails.

Grape Oolong ($6.60), with real grapes!

Pear High Mountain Oolong ($6.30) : Incredibly refreshing! 

We preferred the pear oolong to the grape oolong because natural grapes tend to release tannin which will result in a bit of dryness/siapness. The oolong is also of a lighter roast variety, but the subtle flavour works well for their fruit combinations.

What we liked most about their tea drinks:
  • Tea was not siap siap because they are freshly brewed and shaken. It was fun watching the staff shaking the drink and prepare it before you.

  • The fruit flavours complement the tea and do not overpower the teas. 
Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we had two drinks for the price of one. We did a takeaway, which was just as well as the tea bar is a small cosy space.

Things to note:
  • This isn't a bubble tea joint! You can't add pearls or toppings to your drinks.
  • Cakes are available too, so you can enjoy a lil tea time break. 
  • They also serve tea cocktails, like whisky x peach tie guan yin! Wow, I'll be back to try those!
  • Oat milk available for the lactose intolerant. 

Steeped Tea Bar
2 Tan Quee Lan St, #01-01, 
Singapore 188091
(Bugis Exit D)