Harvest Time

Almost two months later, I harvested my Xiao Bai Cai! They are not fully grown but I decided to eat them so I can return the planter pot to my mum! In all truth I have lost interest in planting after the snails attacked my lady fingers, and when there was an insect infestation for the XBC. It's too heartbreaking 💔 NEA, you didn't warn us that growing vegetables can be so sad.

Lessons to learn: more soil for deep planters! The ones that grew almost alone had the thickest stems and biggest leaves. Overcrowding is real.

Just a little bit, but still satisfying to pick and eat. Added them to my porridge for lunch. 

They tasted a little like doumiao! Lol!

And that concludes my vegetable plant journey. Wishing you all the best in your crop rearing!