Heya lovelies!
Today's post will be about some questions I've been getting.

Does this blog make money?

Currently, this site has made a grand total of 3 cents, with the help of Google Adsense. LOL! I guess maybe we will earn a couple more cents if people click the ads on the site. So I guess the answer is yes, but honestly the amount is so tiny it's really laughable.

Do you have a day job?

Yes of course! It's difficult to survive in Singapore without one. My day job helps me to pay bills and allows me to pursue my different hobbies in my spare time.

What happened to your music?

Well, I can no longer crank out any sad songs because I'm really happy in my relationship 😂. Guess it's pretty true that sad/angsty artists make the best stuff. I mean, look at how Avril's music turned pink and happy! A far cry from her previous two albums.
I tried to write songs again, of course, but all that came out was cheesy, corny stuff. I'm hoping it's like what Ed Sheeran says, that you need to write and write and write until all the crap comes out and the good stuff starts flowing.

Meanwhile, I post mini covers on Instagram, do some gigs here and there, and busk on the streets. Busking has been a wonderful experience thus far. It really warms my heart when people stop to talk to me and tell me encouraging things, or when little children dance to your music. Also, I get to sing whatever I like, in whatever style I like. I love the freedom of that.

I have also picked up my violin again, and even participated in a small Christmas concert! So I guess I'm still enjoying and playing music, after all.

I do eventually want to make original music again, but right now I feel like it's a good time to update my skills, especially my guitar playing 😂.

Why do you blog?

I have been messing around with websites and blogs since I was Primary 6. I stopped blogging for a while because I lost focus. Before restarting this blog, I also struggled with myself as I have become a more private person as I aged, and blogging about my life would run counter to that. However, once I envisioned this website to be more of a tiny magazine rather than a me-me-me influencer* kind of blog, I found that I could breathe easier. I really just wanted a platform to share cool things with people, hence all the features, guides and the cheesy tag line, 'Share the Wonder'.

(* Yes, I know it's ironic cause my website is literally my name. But lol I bought this domain a long time ago when I was more active in music and wanted a website. Keeping it as my name also keeps the blog from being TOO professional. We want to stay close to our casual, keep-it-real roots. So forgive me if my website sounds narcissistic already from the get-go, won't you?)

One good thing about restarting my blog is that I really start to see more wonder in the world. You also want to start projects or get out of the house more so that you can blog about that (ie. baking experiments, going out to meet people or experience new food). It's a great motivator, driven by the single need of having to create.

So nope, it's not for the fame (I feel a bit too old for that), nor the money (there isn't much money.) I just need to express myself and share info with others.

Do you draw the illustrations and gifs on your blog? How do you make them?

Yes, I do! It was one of my resolutions to learn how to gif. For drawing, I'm currently using a cheap $5 stylus from Qoo10 to draw on my phone, with the help of the app Adobe Sketch. Then I send them to my computer, where I turn them into gifs on Photoshop. Just google tutorials on that for more detailed guides on how to do so.

And that concludes my short FAQ section. Cheerios!