VDAY SPECIAL: Singapore Cute Couple Stories

Hey lovelies!

Valentine's day is just round the corner, and I wanted to share some cute stories with ya!

I don't know about you, but I'm a real sucker for sweet love stories, whether they're real, happened in an anime, or from a Korean drama. When reading online stories though, overseas stories just don't cut it. I prefer AZN things that I could relate to!

And thus, this post. I collected some sweet and real couple stories from my friends and their friends to share with you. We're all based in Singapore! So I hope you'll enjoy this piece, and maybe have an 'aww!' moment or two!

❤️ “It’s a family tradition that we have dinner every Friday at my gramps. Sometimes, I end work too late to go. But my boyfriend makes it a point to be there, even when I can’t make it. He ends up spending hours chatting with my gramps.”

❤️ "My boyfriend and I had a really bad fight over the phone one night. It was horrible. The next morning, he called me and asked me to look out from the window. He was downstairs, doing this:

It was like a Korean drama where they go, "Sarang hae!" I laughed and we made up."

❤️ "My friend and I were coming home from Korea. My boyfriend was there at the airport to send me home, and he brought not one, but TWO cups of bubble tea! One for me and one for my friend. She was completely won over." 

❤️ “My boyfriend is a sailor. From time to time, he gets activated for long deployments. Whenever that happens, I create mini countdown calendars that fit in my wallet so that I can tear off the days to when he returns. We also write mini notebooks for each other. Think of it like a Dear Diary, but to each other. And we exchange them when he gets back.”

❤️ "After getting together with my boyfriend,  I was really surprised when I found out that he had the same shoes as me! I don't think this is a very common shoe too. The funniest thing is, he was more excited about the couple shoes than I was."

Couple shoes! It must be fate.

❤️ "We were on an overseas trip. I woke up in the morning and went to the toilet, where he was already brushing his teeth. But I didn't find my toothbrush in the holder. Instead, it was placed on the sink rack, with toothpaste already squeezed on it! I couldn't believe that someone would actually be so sweet to prepare my toothbrush for me. It's truly the little things that matter :')"

❤️ "I knew he was the one when he peeled a prawn for me without me asking!"

Because I also find you super a-peel-ing.

❤️ "On Valentine's day, my boyfriend sent me a huge bouquet of roses. He also sent my mother, my sister, my grandmother, and my helper roses too. Needless to say, he's quite popular at home."

❤️ "It was midnight in Taiwan and he went out to 7-11 to get pads for me. I was so touched!"

❤️ "On my carnival day during secondary school, I saw my school crush walking in the rain. So I ran to her, and gave her my umbrella. Later I ran back to my friends who all screamed at me because now we only had two umbrellas for eight of us. 😂"

❤️ "He bought me THE Dyson Airwrap for my birthday. I couldn't believe it since it was sold out everywhere!"

❤️ “My boyfriend leaves post-it notes for me on random occasions. It could be a simple ‘I love you’, ‘Remember to eat!’ or ‘Drink more water.’  He’ll hide these in places I’ll access often - like on my E-Z link card, in my wallet or in between my laptop. so I’ll definitely see it at the start of my day.”

❤️ "One time I dropped my necklace into the toilet bowl 😂. I was pretty grossed out by it, but he fished it out for me, no hesitation at all. I think he really is a hero, as cheesy as it sounds."

❤️ "My boyfriend proposed to me last year. The ring fit me perfectly! I asked him about it and it turned out that he had a whole plan to measure my ring size. On our overseas trip a while back, he slipped a cable tie around my finger when I was sleeping. Apparently, I stirred a little in my sleep and he thought I knew what he was up to, and he was so sad about it! But I was truly asleep. He then took the cable tie back to the jeweller's in Singapore. The proposal was a successful surprise!"

If you like it, put a cable tie on it.

Tip: If you want to try this to get her ring size, don't pull the cable tie to the end, of course! When at the jeweller's, adjust the ring size to be a little tighter since the cable tie can still slip off her finger.

And that's all for this Valentine's day special! I hope you enjoyed reading the stories, because I sure had lots of fun gathering them!

Do you have any sweet stories to share? Leave a comment below, I'll love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine's Day!