Tea Time: Rose Oolong from Sucre

July 24, 2019

Hey guys!

It's been a while since the last Tea Time. How have you been?

I've been busy with work things, attending weddings, and trying to get back into the groove of exercising. After taking stock of things in end June, I realised I need to buck up and exercise more often!

Today's tea is the Rose Oolong from Sucre. 

This was a gift so it came in a little rose gold metal canister that contained two silk pyramids of tea. 

You can see full rose buds in the bag of black oolong tea.

Taste: As promised, this rose oolong is a medium-bodied tea, even though I steeped it a little longer. In comparison, my Houjicha or English Breakfast teas will easily pass for full bodied, and I guess I prefer those! 

Scent wise, the rose smell is not as sweet nor strong as the luscious English Rose from Whittard, despite having two whole buds of small roses. 

The Oolong is also quite mild and only surfaces more as an after-taste. 

Overall this is a pretty looking tea that is mostly mild on flavour profile and would probably be good for drinking with light snacks. 

Till next time!


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