Eat 3 Bowls

Hi guys!

What have you guys been up to? I'm finally back to update this little blog~

Today I'm gonna intro you the cutest restaurant near Lavender MRT! Thanks to my softball friends for introducing this place to us haha I had a fun experience for sure!

Eat 3 Bowls is a cute eatery that serves Taiwanese dishes like lu rou fan and oyster meesua. 
You can find it nestled under some HDB blocks in the quiet, peaceful area located only a stone's throw from Lavender MRT.

Decor wise, the restaurant is modelled after a Taiwanese classroom, complete with desks and a blackboard.

You'll also see Taiwanese maps and stuff referencing 那些年, Jay Chou lyrics and songs (三年二班). Very cute. I definitely got the feels to visit Taiwan again!

Cutest furniture. Though the tables aren't the kind where you can flip open, the compartment below is really useful for storing your barang. Really takes me back to secondary school days when we stored all our books and things under our tables for months. 
Small details add homely touches!
The picture menus are like students' exercise books! And here's a look at the order chit.

English and Chinese (behind) order chit, on top of the exercise book menu book with glossy pictures.

Eat 3 Bowls!
Eat 3 Bowls, as its name suggests, is a 3 bowl set featuring the 3 signature dishes of the eatery. Basically you get the mini version of the chicken rice, lu rou fan and the oyster meesua. Looks small at first, but I'll tell you that it definitely fills you up! 

I was excited about the jiroufan as I was curious about how it would be different from our chicken rice. (Also,  Shohei Matsuzaki, the actor that worked in Taiwan, cooked it for his house mates in Terrace House 2019 LOL.) Well anyway from my experience, Taiwan chicken is more firm than the kampong chickens we use here in Singapore, so what you're having here will probably still be a little different. I love the TW chicken though and recommend it (with a lil dash of pepper and salt), if you have the chance to visit. Nonetheless, the version here was yummy and I wolfed it down! 

The Oyster Meesua is YUM too! It's their own take on it, probably a little tuned to local tastes as well. Sorry for the lack of descriptions for the flavour and taste of the food - I think I'm not suited to be a food blogger lol. I find myself more creative when I'm riled up about bad food. Lol.

Side dishes of cabbage, tofu century egg, intestines and Taiwan sausage

As with Taiwanese food, you can't miss the quintessential bubble tea. Eat 3 Bowls offers bubble tea lattes, brown sugar bubble tea and more. I liked that they were not too sweet! 

P.S. They use metal straws!

Sunday evening was a busy time for the restaurant. If you prefer not to wait, head down early to avoid queues, especially if you have a big group.

Some side thoughts: maybe at the start the classroom decor helped create hype and attract customers, but I observed that the customers that day didn't bother to pose or take lots of photographs unlike in some hipster cafes. I'm guessing people may have came for the decor at first and then stayed for the food, a great thing for a restaurant! Good strategy since the location is rather low key in the first place.

What I loved most about Eat 3 Bowls however was the most hospitable and friendly staff! They easily strike up conversations with their customers and sometimes even break out in song as they worked. Super cute and lovely. On top of fun ambience and yummy homely food, I rate my experience a big 赞!

呷三碗(Eat 3 Bowls)
462 Crawford Lane, #01-61, Singapore 190462
(Near Lavender MRT)