Trying out Quorn Quarter Pounders

Hey guys!

So recently I had a BBQ cook out with my family and I decided to buy some MEAT FREE patties! Meatless 'meat' like Impossible Foods and Beyond Burgers have been all the hype for the past few months in Singapore, and I really wanted to give it a taste!

Spotted this on Redmart and ordered it.

Quorn is made mostly of mycoprotein, which is a type of fungal protein. It's high in fibre, low in sat fats, contains zero cholesterol and is soy free.

The packaging advised us to grill for about 12 minutes and flip often. 

On the grill, you see our Quorn patties, some real sirloins, a stray zucchini (family's new fave vegetable), a piece of bell pepper, and PINEAPPLES! 
I must say, grilled pineapples are the best things ever. It's gonna be my must-have for every BBQ! 

Alright, after a while, the meat's cooked and we took a bite.

On closer inspection you start to suspect that this will not taste anything like meat or have its texture. Haha.

So here's my verdict comparing Quorn to actual meat patties.

Texture: Much like mock meat you can get from a vegetarian stall, nothing close to real meat. Rather dry as well.

Flavour: Too salty for me!

Price: PRICEY! $6.90 for two patties.

Overall: 2/10,  really not digging it. Can't see this replacing actual meat if given a choice.

I think I potentially set myself up for disappointment by choosing Quorn instead of one of the products from Impossible Foods or Beyond, which I've heard so much good things about. So hopefully the food experiences can only get better! 

Impossible Foods use texture wheat protein and potato protein, so maybe that would taste better both flavour and texture wise as compared to the fungal protein /mycoprotein used by Quorn. We'll see!

It's exciting though if one day all these 'mock' meats will be the norm instead of the exception, especially since plant-based protein has a smaller carbon footprint than animal agriculture.

We can then have the best of both worlds, and enjoy our food with a clearer conscience. Looking forward to that!

Till next time,