Nobel Boba Milk Tea Candy


Today's novelty candy is the Nobel Boba Milk Tea Candy!

Some may say bubble tea is a staple in their lives. And the bubble tea inspired food and snacks are going strong! I mean, we have BBT takes on virtually anything - bread, cake, tarts, cookies, hotpot and of course, candy!

Let's open the wrapper! You'll get a Werther's Original looking kind of sweet.

I cut up the candy to show you the inside! There's a little precious tapioca pearl inside, albeit all squashed.

Taste: The Milk Tea flavour of the candy is strong! Think 80%-100% sugar kind of Milk Tea. The tapioca pearl centre is slightly chewy and fun to get to if you slowly suck on the sweet. I was quite surprised at how well they captured the milk tea experience.

Maybe if we refrigerate these candies, we can get an even more closer resemblance to the actual boba milk tea.

Well, if you happen to be craving for bubble tea, this is a nice quick fix. The best thing is that the candy is probably is just a fraction of the actual calorie and sugar count from actual BBT. Double yay for that.

Thank you to KT for getting these from Japan!

Here's a pic of the packaging if you want to look out for it. It's a fun gift for anyone who loves their bubble tea.

The Japanese words on the packet say: Tapioca Milk Tea Candy

Till next time!