Halfway Through The Year

July 13, 2019

Presenting to you...my January to June in Numbers!

11 runs and 5 swims, shooting hoops, and one volleyball session in between! Probably need to run again soon though!!!

41 Books read! 
Now Reading: A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
It's my second time trying to read this book!  I got through 1/3 of it on a NLB ebook, and this time I borrowed it in hard copy instead, it's much easier to read this way. Reading about space really makes you feel like your troubles are so, so tiny and of little consequence.


Favourite Movie: Extreme Job
Least Favourite Movie:  300 (THIS. IS. SPARTA! Watched it because I wanted to understand the meme. It was mostly a muscle fest though. One perk however is getting to see Cersei before she became Cersei! ) 
Most Surprising: Swing Kids and Boss Baby (lol, which was way funnier than expected)
Most Disappointing: MIB International


5 Shows, including Rilakkuma, which I have still been thinking about recently.


4 Bakes - including Kueh Bangkit for CNY and other funky experiments you don't want to eat.


166 Bus Rides Saved! Each bus ride is $0.83 cents so total is about $137.80. Yay!
Bus rides saved means I walk or cycle to my destination instead. I only count it if the place is at least 3 bus stops or more.


Lastly, 71 blog posts written on this humble blog. Thank you for reading


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