Movie: Extreme Job 극한직업

Hiya guys!

Anddd I'm back with the movie write-ups. Recently caught a Korean movie called Extreme Job in cinemas, from a colleague recc. Also, this movie broke the Train to Busan record in Korea!! Wow.

What's it about:
5 funny as hell narcotics detectives go undercover in a fried chicken restaurant while trying to bust a drug syndicate. Shit gets hilarious when the restaurant goes viral online and customers flood the store. Will they still be able to complete their job?

What I liked:
I've been watching a lot of blockbusters (Think Marvel, Transformers etc) with the occasional thriller (Glass), so watching a comedy is really refreshing! Humour level : 8.5/10

I have not watched Korean stuff in a long time, only watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo a while back? (Btw I love the actress she's gorgeous!!!) 

The actors and actresses look kind of familiar but I have no idea who they really are. Lol.

Nevertheless, the characters were done really well. There's the responsible mother of the group, the beaten Captain who never says die, the enthusiastic newbie, the serious one, and the guy who always get smacked ie. the qianbian one. Can't decide who's my favourite but they were perfect as a team.

They were very 'loser' at the start!  But what a funny bunch.

Proud Daddy Captain of his new fried chikin store, raking more money than a police detective. There were shots of the fried chicken and someone in the cinema exclaimed really loudly, WAH! Everyone laughed.

Silly moments peppered throughout the movie!

Unforgettable epic haircut

Stakeout. I just felt like eating fried chicken the whole time. The moustached man just reminded me of Freddie Mercury the whole time.

DAT magical moment when they have the perfect taste. Give me a bite!
Really like this split screen effect because it reminded me a lot of my childhood show, Power Rangers! IT'S MIGHTY MORPHIN TIME
Wish there were: More fight scenes! And more backstory for our cast. Their abilities seemed tacked on at the last minute, so I wish that was more developed as it seemed rather abrupt.

Also: Chanel told me that the cast has been on Running Man, so maybe check that out if you're interested!

To watch or not?: Yes! Funny and lighthearted. Enough with tense, dark movies yo. I need some joy in my life.

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What Korean show or drama should I check out next? Feel free to recc in the comments :)


P.S. All pictures from Google