Stuff to Watch - YouTube Roundup

Heeeey guys!

Here are some YouTube videos I really wanna share with you guys~

1. Clean Bandit - Mama (Feat. Ellie Goulding)

Are you the kind of person who watches/listens to music on YouTube?

Well, I certainly am. Despite having Spotify, I find YouTube a great place to find all sorts of music, especially covers. It's also nice to discover new music since I always listen to my own playlists on Spotify. Here's one!

Trump appears in this video...?! (Clickbait eh, but kind of true.)
It was a really cool story video too! The song is super catchy too. Clean Bandit always features artists with very clear vocals as well, such as Ellie and Anne Marie.

The kids dancing Fortnite moves really takes the cake! Haha so absurd but mesmerising. A true reflection of what today's children is like  - face with tears of joy emoji. Also, I never know how they do these dances. I can't even do the floss properly.  Nevertheless,I hope you enjoy this one!

2. ZULA Pillow Talk: Xenia Tan | Ep1

I've been a fan of Zula YouTube content, especially Zula First Dates and Zula Tries. I think Leah is a really charismatic host! (sidenote: I also enjoy watching Real Talk, lol)

This new Pillow Talk segment features host Shiberty (Jessica), interviewing/chatting with pretty high profile people like TSL Personality Xenia and more recently, influencer MongChin Yeoh.

It was a reaaaally long video at 49 minutes, so here's some TLDR if you prefer.
  • Xenia used to be like 'ahlian' in secondary school, and became more guai in JC. She was 'ugly' in primary school.
  • She talks about how she started out in The Smart Local.
  • She got cheated on in her relationship by a mutual friend (!!! who double dated and even travelled with her and her bf then).
  • This cheating incident/breakup really moulded her into what she is today, ie. being more bold in her career, and also chasing her acting dreams (she's heading to NYC!)
I enjoyed the video though it was pretty damn long lol! It's not every day where you get to know so much more about these people you see so often on social media. I mean yeah, you see their campaigns, their glam pics on Instagram etc but rarely do we get to peer deep into what their life is really like. It's not easy being so exposed and vulnerable online, that's for sure.

When this video appeared on my feed, I did a double take because I saw Shiberty! HAHA! My friend and I used to read her blog when we were secondary school kids, what the hell. Really miss the days when people used to share so much of their lives on blogs. Now the emphasis is on video/IG stories or images. I'm really sad that Dayre kind of died too. It used to be soooo much more livelier.

3. Monsieur Perinรฉ: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

If you're new to Tiny Desk Concerts, the idea is that artists gather in the office (with tiny desks) and perform. The small session makes things very intimate and special. All the lights, stage, and effects are stripped away. Basically you get to enjoy artists in a simpler and super authentic setting. I love it!

Some of my favourite sessions include H.E.R. Foster the People and Superorganism, while some of the artists that have been on the show include ParamoreYo-Yo MaAdeleHozierDeath Cab for CutieThe xxTegan and Sara and The Civil Wars.

I also get introduced to tons of new artists and music I will not usually listen to. For example, I really LOVE this band from Colombia! I have no idea what the vocalist is singing, but I love it so much.

I also love the YouTube comments lol.

"This woman's face is a poem about cherries, soda pop, and peppermint chewing gum. - Bruce L"

So true ?!!?! She's so cute!

Alright, it's getting late so I'll sign off for now! Hope you guys like the vids  :)