Movie: Captain Marvel

The newest Marvel movie, Captain Marvel, has hit the cinemas! Spoilers everywhere in this post, read at your own risk!

Caught it in the Grand Cathay, a huge hall that seats about 590 people. Spotted lots of bros watching the movie together! It's always fun to watch blockbuster movies with fans on the opening weekend. I watched the movie with my movie buddy/Marvel movies fan, Chanel.

The movie started off with a tribute to Stan Lee. His photos flashed across the screen, with the iconic comic Marvel montage effect. Then, "THANK YOU STAN". Oh the feels.

People in the cinema started to clap and whoop. Good crowd!

Opening Scene: Vers/Carol/CM wakes up in a pod, and we see the flashing blue chip in her neck. The blinds at the window reveal a city.

Well, to be honest all the alien planets are starting to look really generic and similar to me. They all have this super neon futuristic style, but nothing much to differentiate each planet from each other. I can't remember a very unique planet, other than the Ego planet in Guardians 2. (Wakanda is on Earth, so it does not count. But excellent world building, fresh and distinct, in Black Panther!)

Rather than creating new worlds, somehow I feel like more and more movies are banking on nostalgic feels from yesteryear. Guess nostalgia is always familiar and appealing, but damn it's really starting to grate on me.

CM goes to practise fighting with her mentor, Yon Rogg, played by Jude Law (ie. the hot, young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts).

I was worried that CM would turn out like Wonder Woman, which I found very frustratingly slow. Luckily that wasn't the case. I had super low expectations for the movie - didn't even watch the trailer. Knew close to nothing about CM other than that she would be played by the actress Brie Larson, whom I was first introduced to in the movie Scott Pilgrim as Envy Adams.

Brie as Envy, seeing Black Sheep by Metric!!!
MUCH LOVE! Later I caught her performance in Room.

Moving on, we are introduced to the enemies, the Skrulls, a type of shape shifting alien race.

Aesthetics wise, they received the ugly alien chin, much like Thanos.

Other than that they just look like bald elves to me. XD

The Skrulls were first depicted as invaders, but later it was revealed that they were just resisting rule by the all encompassing, supposedly more 'noble' Kree. Smacks of colonisation all day every day.

The Kree 'bosses' looked like they were inspired by Egyptians. (Side thoughts: OMG lol what if they DID inspire Egyptians? Inspire the pyramids etc?)

Wonder what the hammer/ax can do. 

Vers finally gets to go on a mission and get caught by the Kree. Later she flaunts her fighting chops and escapes while taking down "20 of their best men".

Her first mission.

RAWRGHHH! So funny but so relatable LOL.
Another funny scene. So brutal though lol.
With the name Captain Marvel, comparisons to Captain America will definitely be drawn. CM at first glance would seem to be a female version of Cap Am, but COME ON she's so much stronger. She has the Tesseract power in her, can fly, and can hit photon blasts. Steve only has some steroids and a huge shield. Both dig brown leather jackets though.
Sorry, much cooler than Steve.

Later, she meets young, cat lovin Nick Fury when she lands on C53, ie. EARTH. Or a 'shithole' as one of the Star Forcee quips.

Makeup is so magical. Nick Fury looks so cute here.

Maybe also because last I saw him on screen, he looked like this:

Samuel L Jackson in the movie 'Glass'.
This movie was also interesting because we get to learn more about how Fury formed the Shield.

Soundtrack: BRILLIANT! Some famous ones like No Doubt, The Cranberries, Nirvana, and throwbacks to the past with Mr Postman by the Marvelettes. BUT I really enjoyed the one by Garbage,  Only Happy When It Rains. Used to jam to this with my friends Mike and Darren. I also really liked Celebrity Skin by Hole. (They remind me of Metric!)

Supporting Chars:
I'm so glad that they didn't slap a (white) male BFF for Carol/Vers. GOOOO Maria Rambeau, a badass pilot! I feel like it has been such a long time since female friendships were shown in films. The trend has been more for bromances? Loved her daughter Monica too. Very convenient to have her jog memories by going through old photos of Carol.

The pep talk in the backyard was kind of abrupt to me. I was still busy being suspicious of the Skrulls. How did Maria get convinced so fast?!

I totally forgot Gemma Chan was in the movie though. Couldn't recognise her at all, what with the blue makeup, LOL. So happy for her that she's in more movies now. Rooting for all you Crazy Rich Asians actors and actresses! Did you know Gemma has a law degree?

Touching Moment: When Carol stood up and picked herself up whenever she fell, against the odds, against what people think or expect of her. You go girl! :')

I guess this is one of the feminist things in the movie? An important message to all genders though.


Made this one, thought this quote was pretty apt for the scene. Couldn't find many pictures of young Carol though. The little girl was cute yet as tough as a nut!

The scene of Carol fighting her mentor, Yon Rogg was also a very classic mentee surpassing old mentor trope. Luckily, it was a short and funny scene before we wrapped up the ends.

End Credits Scene:
I was just being irked by Black Widow's blonde hair lol.

Pic from Reddit
Orange red hair FTW!! She looks really old with blonde hair. Looking forward to her own original movie though! (Seems that it would be out in 2020) Which is your favourite Black Widow hair style?

Other than that, I'm always happy to see good old, happy Bruce :) Looking forward to the next movie!

ALSO : If you need a recap on the Tesseract, try this article for its timeline.

Absorbing the essence

Ending off this post with the crowd favourite, Goose.

You're a hero!

You little cutie! 
 Definitely wasn't expecting this little fella to be so ferocious.

So what's next: Avengers Endgame, slated to be opening on 24 April 2019!

Hope you enjoyed this little recap/react for the movie Captain Marvel! It wasn't a mindblowing, super action packed movie, but it was entertaining nonetheless, even though some parts were kinda predictable. I liked that the movie took its time to delve into her origin story. Wonder who else will get an origin story too.

Welcome to the on-screen fam, Captain Marvel!

Signing off,