Netflix Bingeing: The Umbrella Academy

Heya guys,

Recently I got back on Netflix and started to watch a couple shows! My friends Wenxin and Si Min recommended this show so I checked it out.

SPOILERS EVERYWHERE, read at your own risk.

The Umbrella Academy
Episodes: 10, each about an hour long
What's it about: The world is about to end, but a family called The Umbrella Academy attempts to stop the apocalypse. Each family member has a super ability, such as super strength, the ability to talk to the dead etc

Starring: Ellen Page (Juno), Robert Sheehan (Misfits), Mary J. Blige
The original comic books were written by:  Gerard Way, singer of My Chemical Romance!

A page from the comic

First impression:
When the season just started, I felt that there was a lot of Wes Anderson meet Series of Unfortunate Events aesthetics and vibes going on. I wondered what I was signing up for when the pool turned red and baby appeared. Gyms and blood always remind me of Carrie by Stephen King. I also found it so funny that the baby appeared after a kiss! HAHA!

Opening scenes. The grand manor and symmetry shots reminded me a lot of The Grand Budapest.

Slowly the characters really grew on me though! There's just something about numbers and lists. Lemme discuss them a lil.

Number 1, aka Luther
I really hate this dude man. He's very unlikable! A very brawn and no brain guy, very set in his ways, and unkind to everyone except Allison. Did he really have to lock Vanya up and isolate her YET AGAIN? Grr.

Number 2 aka Diego 
At first, he came across as strange and extra, in his black suit. Plus he threw off a lot of Hawkeye vibes. However, as the show intended, we get to see more soft fluffy sides of him and it's great!

Number 3 aka Allison
What a gorgeous, charismatic lady! She doesn't really use her power anymore but dayum I'm glad at least someone has a more level head in the gang.

Number 4 aka Klaus
Klaus is the kind of character that is so eccentric but lovable. Major Captain Jack Sparrow vibes here, with the way he moves, and definitely because of the eyeliner. Overall Klaus is one of my favourites really. He's so vulnerable yet loving. (Irresponsible too, of course.)

Lol maybe I can relate to his silliness a lot.
Moving on.

Number 5
No. 5 has one of the coolest abilities, and they really cast him right. Wonderful acting, this little boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders. However, there was maybe one too many scenes of him complaining about coffee.

Number 6 aka Ben
The token Asian? But Ben hangs out with Klaus and he's a pretty cool, laid back dude too! Funny thing is that he mainly nags at Klaus for this season. Lul. It's a pity he's dead cuz he seems like a cool guy.

Number 7 aka Vanya
Right from the start I really wanted to love Vanya, because she was played by the actress Ellen Page. Plus she was so pitiful and all, always dressed in drabby clothes and basically being excluded from the whole UA. HOWEVER, as time goes, she became rather unlikable for me, her circumstances and past be damned.

Grace aka Mum
How pretty is she?! I think she is the prettiest of them all! She also had the best wardrobe!

Cha cha and Hazel in the comics

Cha Cha and Hazel, the hitmen

Hazel is such a sweet little teddy bear in the show!! And someone give me some jelly donuts please.

A pretty good show with plenty of distinctive characters and a plot that is made more complex with some time travelling. It's a completed season with 10 episodes so that's pretty low on commitment too!

Can't wait to watch the next season!

What did you think of the show? Who is your favourite character? I'm not sure what I should watch next. Any recommendations?

Alrighty it's time to get back to Netflix.

Be back soon!

Gifs from @umbrellaacad on Giphy