An Afternoon at Nesuto

Hi guys!

Today is a great day, because today is CAKE DAY!

I'd had my eye on Nesuto for a long, long time, and finally carved out some time to make it there!

It's a short 2 minute walk from the Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

Here's a pic of its shopfront, hastily taken because I was so excited upon arrival.

The Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 is for a slice of cake and a drink.

The friendly staff, a young lady, introduced us to each cake, and it was difficult to choose which to have, cuz everything looked so good.

I have no time or appreciation for small, fancy layered mousse cakes (on the first level), so I made my selection from the second level of cakes. They look very pretty though! I've tried such cakes before but frankly the cake eating experience just ends too soon. Just give me a huge slice of moist, crumbly cake, thank you. I'm plebeian like that.

Soon we settled on the Le Goma, and the Signature Yuzu Raspberry. 

Aren't they such beauts?

On first bite, the Yuzu Raspberry packs a strong yuzu citrus flavour. I was expecting something more delicate, but I guess looks are deceiving. The pale pink frosting and notes of raspberry struck just the right balance. Overall this cake is a refreshing one after a heavy meal, and since the sponge cake is light and cottony, don't be intimidated by its height. 8/10

Next up, we have the Le Goma,  deriving its name from the French article 'the' and goma, the Japanese word for sesame. This cake has black sesame cream, which is a little mousse-y in texture, and is topped with some crumbly biscuit balls. Fans of things not too sweet will enjoy this. The cake sponge is on the lighter side, but still packs enough texture, making every bite satisfying. It felt denser that the Yuzu Raspberry.

I really enjoyed this. I've tried sesame cakes before and this is the best one I have had so far in Singapore! What a delight. 10/10

For drinks, I chose the Houjicha (lol, thought it would go well with the sesame cake) and my friend Si Min chose the Lychee Oolong, which was fragrant and sweet smelling. You get one free hot water refill.

Overall I enjoyed myself! Interior wise, think tones of millennial pink, grey, flowers motifs, marble, gold table legs, and gold forks etc. Very trendy and on point. The playlist was acoustic Boyce Avenue stuff though.

That's my YAY WE'RE EATING CAKE face.
Nesuto also offers a High Tea set and sell cookies too! Here's the address.

53 Tras St, Singapore 078992
 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)

One-for-one promotion is available on Burpple Beyond, and you can also use Shopback to get extra value for your money. Our bill came up to about $15 for two people using Burpple Beyond.

Tip: After lunch, Nesuto can fill up real fast with OLs so it pays to be a kanchiong spider and come quick asap. Haha.

Also, important PSA: all the beautiful pictures taken today is by my friend Si Min (@lsiminnn). The uglier photos are shot by me. HAHA.

The blog has been a little quiet because I've been sitting on some other food reviews. I hope they get to see some light soon.

Seeya in a minute!