Tea Time: Dilmah Sencha

Hey guys! 

Welcome back to another session of Tea Time.

Today's tea is from Dilmah. It's the Sencha Green Tea

If you're wondering,both sencha and matcha are harvested from green tea leaves, but the difference is that sencha is grown in the sun, while matcha is grown in the shade. Sencha is usually prepared with whole tea leaves, while matcha is ground up into powder form. Matcha has more caffeine too. 

To me, matcha is heavier, stronger and more bitter, while sencha is lighter and is better for cleansing your palate. 

Anyway, a little tidbit about the tea company Dilmah. Dilmah is a Sri Lankan company and was founded in 1988 by this dude called Merrill Joseph Fernando. It's a pretty new-ish tea company as compared to say Twinings which was founded in the 1706.

Look what I found in Wikipedia:

"Fernando was one of the first Sri Lankan tea tasters to be selected to learn about tea in Mincing Lane, London. Up until this time, the prevailing colonial system did not believe Sri Lankans were capable of assessing tea as they felt they ate too much curry which would affect their assessment of the taste. However, Fernando was one of five who were selected and trained in London."

Wah how offensive? Sure anot... Does eating spicy food really affect the tastebuds? (Apparently, no.)

"It was in London that Fernando witnessed a system of colonial exploitation that treated producing countries as raw material suppliers whereas branding and value addition were done overseas and all profits accrued never reached the producers.[This greatly disturbed Fernando, who dreamed that someday he would create his own brand of tea where the producing country would receive all profits from value addition and thereby get their due recognition.He wanted to bring integrity back into tea."

Glad he discovered this!

So anyway, today's tea.

Flavour: Tea taste is nicely balanced. Mildly and pleasantly fragrant, as compared to jasmine green tea which I find too floral. Light and lovely. Not exactly my favourite green tea, but it's something I would serve to guests without hesitation, especially since most of my friends enjoy floral teas.

Till our next cuppa!