Baking Milo Cookies

Hey guys!

It's been a long time since I've baked something. I think the last time was some oat and apple muffins in May?

Well anyway, I've been wanting to use up some Milo powder, so I searched for a recipe for Milo Cookies! Found one from Delishar! The recipe seemed relatively simple, and I had all the ingredients at home too.

Ingredients, assemble.

She used all purpose flour but I used plain flour. Same same I hope?!

I sieved my flour, and also melted down my brown sugar which had hardened into blocks.

Mixed the ingredients together and rolled out some cookie dough balls.

I had no baking paper so I used aluminum foil, which also makes the baking tray less oily I think.

They remind me of mooncake lianrong fillings!

Pop it in the oven~

And... it's ready! 


  • The cookies taste pretty good! Though my cookies came out cracked, unlike her smooth ones, they still taste good and milo chocolatey. Maybe I should chill the dough first to avoid cracking.
  • Texture wise, when it's first baked you get a cripsy exterior and a soft, brownie like interior. After a few days it's more of a brownie like texture. I also microwaved the cookies for 10 seconds and topped them with some vanilla ice cream! My sister paired them with black coffee.
  • I would probably use less butter than indicated in her recipe, the cookie dough was a tad too oily for me.
  • The sugar level was just right! If it's not sweet enough for me, it means it's just right for everyone else. XD  Also, breaking news, my mum and dad finally approved of something I baked. They usually don't support or like anything I cook or bake. LOL.

MMMM! A closeup of the texture. I thought it would be brownie like but it wasn't!
I definitely had fun making these! It was pretty fuss free. I used the 12-15min baking time to wash up.

And well, if a kitchen idiot like me can make cookies, you can too! :)