Bangkok Diaries: Ekkamai Macchiato


One of the cafes we visited is Ekkamai Macchiato which is located in the Ekkamai area (E7 on BTS). We Grabbed there because we were lazy. Haha! 

This is quite a popular cafe though, and several other food bloggers have visited and reviewed it before. There were plenty of tourists and customers when we were there! They have a small carpark that fit maybe 4 cars, so maybe take a cab here or walk! 

One strange thing about the cafe is that you can't get a menu and slowly browse at your own table. So I stood at the cashier making my choices while flipping through this catalogue file while others waited for their turn... talk about feeling stressed! I didn't do much research on what to eat here too so we just went with our gut.

Upon seeing the crowd I also unabashedly choped our table with my umbrella. Lol so #singaporean.

We settled on the Miso Beef and the Garlic Pork Don, and of course, with a cafe name like this, we couldn't pass up the Caramel Macchiato!

BTW: Macchiatos differ from lattes in the sense that they are espressos added to milk, while for lattes its the other way. Macchiatos also have more foam!

Macchiato was pleasant, milky and not too sweet. 

Miso Beef: Big portion of rice, brilliant creamy egg omelette, and juicy beef cubes!
We had a super disappointing mookata the previous night where all the cuts of meat were super sad, so this was a super welcome change for us! Enjoyed these homely flavours.

I can eat this every day! Hope to replicate this at home.
Now let's watch some egg porn.

The cafe is very aesthetically pleasing! I love these small green touches in this predominantly white space.

We didn't have any desserts cuz the cafe was getting loud and crowded...and we wanted to check out some of the other cafes in the area! The staff here were very nice though! 

Overall we enjoyed what we ordered here, maybe more than our drink? Lol. Would have loved to try this honey lemon cake they had tho! Stay tuned for more BKK goodness!