Terrace House 2019-2020 - First Impressions (Ep 1-4)

Hey guys!

I've been so excited about 2019's Terrace House in Tokyo, how about you?! The show is finally available to international audiences!

I actually watched 3-4 episodes when I was in Japan in May. Maybe there was some VPN thing? Well imagine my horror when I returned to Singapore and found out that there were NO episodes available.

Here are the six new house mates and my first impressions of them. Here we go!

The Girls


We are introduced to Kaori first. She enters the house, a little self conscious, and being all awkwardly shy. She seems pretty illustrious, previously holding a job in a big company and having also studied in Paris. She also seems like a really steady and reliable character, as well as a warm friend to have. I can imagine her with a warm cup of tea, illustrating, and maybe playing with a cat. A very typical artist feel. She's pretty cool.

This camera sequence really captured the first day awkwardness really well.

Kaori at work


EXTRA: Kaori held an art exhibition, and someone on Reddit visited and posted about it. Click to check it out.

Haruka is a pretty model with some 'guy'ish hobbies. She likes golf, and also race cars! She hangs out with older uncles with the same passion. A pretty cool but tough as nails character, probably used to getting what she wants. She seems kind of in her own world, a little stand-offish sometimes, but fierce in her career and goals.

I'm interested to see how she will interact with the other female characters. Would it be another case of Maya feeling disconnected with her female roomies?


Risako is a very cheerful girl, reminiscent of Aya from the previous season, but even younger. She brings a lot of energy onto the show. She also has a cute husky voice. Though young, she seems quite mature and I wonder if she can put up with youngboi antics from Ruka.

This is really funny. LOL. Ruka thought 'plain' was an ingredient LOL.

Risako got it real bad. Ruka is checking her piercing here.

Makes for great TV.


The Boys

Yet another Shohei in the house. This Shohei is an actor who lived and worked in Taiwan. He later cooks luroufan and jiroufan for the housemates. Seems like an interesting but flaky guy? But so far he has been very straightforward with his opinions, which means there may be future friction with housemates because of his candour. He got defensive describing his jack of all trades way of life, and came across as a little insecure to me. I mean I understand the freelancer life but you don't have to force your ideals on others who pursue specific goals too (Haruka).



Straight off the bat Ruka gives me bad vibes. He reminds me of the other young punks on the show: think Yuudai, the wannabe chef (who smelled onions at the supermarket but couldn't really cook...). Acts innocent but is more fboi than they look. Oh man. Nobody smells trouble?!! He's turning out to be a super lady killer so far.

This blushing boy look really gets the women going haha.

Even Torichan is into him!!

Ruka is not tagged by the official show, nor the other members of the house. Maybe his account is private or he doesn't have one.


We got a new musician in the house! So far I have been so unimpressed with the musos they have brought in. They're mostly nothing but trouble, though they get lots of plugs for their shows and their bands. Maybe musos make bad lover?

Everyone in the house says Kenny has a wall around him, so I guess the whole season would be getting him to drop his defenses and connect with somebody. Current arc seems a bit like Sato, the handsome dude who had high walls and couldn't connect with anyone. (Forgot who Sato is? He's the one who keeps dropping fun fact bombs like how he has a child and an ex-wife.)

I Lol'd because I used to struggle with bar chords  too.
Haruka really liked Kenny's poodle hair LOL.



Who is your favourite member so far?! I gotta say I like Kaori most as a person, but am also digging the drama from the Ruka and Risako stuff.

The comments are always hilarious.

What I'm most interested in is HOW the Terrace House staff cast their members! I'm sure they have a great database from the people who sign up, but wow, after so many seasons, imagine what a discussion in the meeting room is like.

So far the show makes us root for Risako x Ruka, OR Haruka x Ruka, Kaori x Kenny or Kaori x Shohei. Hope to see more action! (Episode 4 has a GREAT cliffhanger.)

Gonna go back and watch the show. Bye for now!


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